RELEASE THE SPYCE #3 – First Mission Review

Episode Screenshots Hey guys! Welcome back to Anime Asterisk! For today’s episode of RELEASE THE SPYCE, Episode 3: “Moryo,” this episode will cover Momo’s first day on the job and the important message of learning from one’s own mistakes. Additionally, today’s episode comes with a warning: Today’s episode will cover dark themes like drugs and Read More

RELEASE THE SPYCE #2 – Training Days

Opening Screenshots Episode Screenshots Hey guys, I’m back! Sorry for the mega delays with RELEASE THE SPYCE, there’s been so much stuff happening these past two weeks that has put me on a bit of a backlog for now. But, I’ll try to catch up. But on this episode of RELEASE THE SPYCE, we follow Read More

RELEASE THE SPYCE #01 – “Golden Spirits” Review

Episode Screenshots Never would I thought to see the day when I’d see ninjas, spices and miniskirts all wrapped up in the same sentence! But that was the premise for RELEASE THE SPYCE! The first episode of this exciting action-packed twelve episode anime definitely didn’t disappoint and was definitely not what I was expecting just Read More

Autumn 2018 Preview

As we are heading into the next anime season, we’re getting a plethora of new anime shows, movies and OVAs. Some of the recognizable highlighters of this fall are well-known titles like Sword Art Online: The Alicization Arc, Gridman, To Aru Majutsu no Index, Tokyo Ghoul:Re and of course the last season of Fairy Tail Read More