Kitsune no Koe (Voice of Fox) #4 – Wavering Voice

Episode Screenshots Hey guys, I’m back with the next recap for Kitsune no Koe (Voice of Fox) Episode 4: Wavering Voice! In today’s episode, we explore the pressures that professional singers face during their performances and see how Hu Li struggles to deal with that. So with that, onto the recap! Episode Recap Okay, so Read More

Kitsune no Koe (Voice of Fox) Episode 3 – “The Dark Stage” Review

Episode Screenshots Hey there, everyone! Welcome back! I hope all of you enjoyed your weekend. For today, we are going to be covering another exciting episode of Kitsune no Koe (Voice of Fox) Episode 3: The Dark Stage! So, let’s get on with the recap, shall we!? Episode Recap Okay, so the episode begins with Read More

Kitsune no Koe (Voice of Fox) Episode 2 Review – “Someone is Watching”

Episode Screenshots Hey guys, I hope you enjoyed your weekend! Sorry for the delays, we had some internet outages in our area. But, here is the next episode review for Koe no Kitsune (Voice of Fox)! Episode Recap The episode opens up on the next morning after Hu Li discovers the picture from his mysterious Read More

Kitsune no Koe (Voice of Fox) Episode 1 – Voice of a Liar

Opening Screenshots Episode Screenshots   Kitsune no Koe or Voice of Fox is definitely one of major highlighters for this anime season. It’s got great music, an interesting plot and is definitely not boring.  So to start off, I’ll begin by reminding everyone about the basic plot before going into the recap and my impressions Read More

Autumn 2018 Preview

As we are heading into the next anime season, we’re getting a plethora of new anime shows, movies and OVAs. Some of the recognizable highlighters of this fall are well-known titles like Sword Art Online: The Alicization Arc, Gridman, To Aru Majutsu no Index, Tokyo Ghoul:Re and of course the last season of Fairy Tail Read More