Deca-Dence #08 – Turbine

Hi everyone! Welcome to Anime Asterisk! Today, we have got an exciting nerve-wrecking episode recap for you. So let me present Deca-Dence Episode 8: Turbine. Episode Recap Episode 8 begins with a brief recap of what happened at the end of Episode 7. With Kaburagi announcing that he is going to destroy the Gadoll factory. Read More

Deca-Dence #07 – Driveshaft

Hi everyone! Welcome to Anime Asterisk! Today, I will be reviewing Deca-Dence Episode 7: Driveshaft. Episode Recap So from where we left off last time, Kaburagi was logging into Deca-Dence using a new account. After getting through the introduction stuff (e.g video, terms of service etc), Kaburagi finally arrives at the gear level. Entering, Kaburagi Read More

Deca-Dence #06 – Radiator

Hi everyone! Welcome to Anime Asterisk! Today, I will be reviewing Deca-Dence Episode 6: Radiator. Episode Recap So where we last left off,  Kaburagi managed to beat Gadoll Alpha by accessing his limiter release mode, changing the game’s planned outcome. As a result, Kaburagi got in trouble with the head administration and was last seen Read More

Deca-Dence #05 – Differential Gear

Hi everyone! Welcome to Anime Asterisk.  For today’s episode , I shall be covering Deca-Dence Episode 5 – Differential Gear! Episode Recap Differential Gear begins with Natsume and the other gear warriors shipping out for the Gadoll’s nest. On the battlefield, Natsume and the rest of Team 6 head for the Gadoll’s nest as Kurenai Read More

The Misfit of Demon King Academy #03 – Sasha’s True Intentions

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is having a good day! Today, I am pleased to present to you,  the episode review for The Misfit of Demon King Academy: Episode 3 – Sasha’s True Intentions Episode Recap So Episode 3 begins with Sasha asking Misha about her feelings for Anos. Misha replies that she likes him. Read More

Deca-Dence #03 – Steering

Episode Recap Steering follows where Episode 2 left off with Kaburagi leading Natsume to the Gear level to get some fighting equipment for her training. As they are walking, Kaburagi recalls his discovery that Natsume has been labelled as “dead” by the system. In a flashback, Kaburagi investigates further and discovers a clip showing the Read More