Boarding School Juliet #4 – Hasuki and Romio Review

Episode Screenshots Hi Guys! Welcome back. Today in this tale of our intrepid star-crossed lovers, we are going to take a step back as we reach exam time to explore the story behind Hasuki Komai’s first love. So let’s begin the story, shall we? Warning: Nudity Episode Recap Okay, so our story begins with a Read More

Boarding School Juliet #3 – Princess Charl and Romio Review

Episode Screenshots We’re back, everyone! Today on Boarding School Juliet, we shall spin a heartwarming tale about Romio and Juliet’s first month anniversary as a couple, the rise of a new love rival, fierce betrayals by one’s own dorm and of renewal of old friendships and new rivalries! So, let’s get onto the recap! Episode Read More

Boarding School Juliet Episode 2 – Rosary and Juliet Review!

Episode Screenshots Hey there! Sorry for posting so late, internet issues. So we are now entering Episode 2 of Boarding School Juliet. Today’s tale is a funny story that doth tells of Romio’s and Juliet’s first date and of a daring new rival in the works. So, let’s get on with the recap! Episode Recap Read More

Boarding School Juliet #01 – Romio Inuzuka and Juliet Persia

Opening Screenshots Episode Screenshots Two dorms, both alike in dignity, In fair Dahlia Academy, where we lay our scene, From ancient grudges break to new mutiny, Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean From forth the fatal loins of these two fighting cats and dogs, A pair of star-crossed lovers fall in love. Sorry, I Read More