Beatless: Final Stage #4 – Boy Meets Girl

Episode Screenshots Hey guys! Sorry for being so late with this, but here it is the last Beatless episode review! I’m looking forward to your comments! Episode Recap So the episode begins with Arato and Lacia riding down an elevator towards Higgins’ main operation center. Sensing  that the end of their journey is near, Lacia Read More

Beatless Final Stage #3 – “Beatless” Review –

Episode Screenshots Episode Recap Continuing on from where the previous episode left off, Beatless begins with a monstrous Snowdrop who has assimilated with the other machines in the facility, crashing in on Arato and Lacia through the ceiling of the third floor with feathers flying around her. As Arato stares up at Snowdrop in shock Read More

Autumn 2018 Preview

As we are heading into the next anime season, we’re getting a plethora of new anime shows, movies and OVAs. Some of the recognizable highlighters of this fall are well-known titles like Sword Art Online: The Alicization Arc, Gridman, To Aru Majutsu no Index, Tokyo Ghoul:Re and of course the last season of Fairy Tail Read More

Beatless Final Stage #2 – “Pygmalion” Review

Hi guys, Sorry about the delay in the release, but here is the episode review of BEATLESS Final Stage Episode 2. Basically, it was another really good episode with an equal balance of action and exposition. It was really another information crammed episode, so I do apologize about the huge recap, but it gave us Read More

Beatless Final Stage #1 – “Higgins’ Silo” Review

Spoilers Involved As the summer season of anime has ended, a new anime season has begun. So, for the first anime review for the series in our reviews is Beatless Final Stage Episode 1. However, for those of you who need a catch up on the series, here is the synopsis for the anime:   Read More