Climbing the Tower of God – Tower of God Series Review

The final test has been issued, but the story is far from over. The tale of Bam continues. So, let’s get started and review Crunchyroll’s original, ‘Tower of God.’ Series Recap Based on a South Korean manhwa, Tower of God follows the story of Bam (CV: Taichi Ichikawa; Eng: Johnny Yong Bosch), a young teenage Read More

Feminism and the Power of Willpower in the Renaissance Period with Arte! – Arte Series Review

*Major Spoilers Warning The final painting is complete and with it the story of Arte is over! Over the course of the Spring season, this light-hearted slice of life has continued to entertain audiences despite the setbacks caused by Co-vid. So with that in mind, let’s get on with the review! Series Recap Based on Read More

Soft Tennis and Societal Issues in Hoshai no Sora! – Series Review

Major Spoilers Alert! Man what an cliffhanger ending! I seriously did not expect that the show would end on that note. When I first watched Hoshiai no Sora (Stars Align), I did not expect that it would end up loving it. Nor did I expect that it would get so dark right away. Like others, Read More

First Impressions – Fight League: Gear Gadget Generators

Fight League: Gear Gadget Generators (ファイトリーグ ギア・ガジェット・ジェネレーターズ) Animation Studio: Bandai Namco Pictures / XFlag Premiere Date: February 14th, 2019 No. of Episodes: Unknown Airing Time: Thursdays at 20:00 pm (JST) Genre: Mecha, Action, Sci-Fi Airing Channel: Youtube Information Links: AniDB, ANN Encyclopedia, MyAnimeList, Wikipedia, Fight League: Gear Gadget Generators Official Site, Fight League: Gear Gadget Read More

First Impression – Egao no Daika (Price of a Smile)

Egao no Daika (エガオノダイカ) – Price of a Smile Animation Studio: Tatsunoko Production Premiere Date: January 4th, 2019 No. of Episodes: 12 Airing Time: Fridays at 21:30 pm (JST) Genre: Action, Sci-Fi Airing Channel: WOWOW Information Links: AniDB, ANN Encyclopedia, MyAnimeList, syoboi, Wikipedia, Egao no Daika Official Site What is the price of a smile? Read More

Series Review – March Comes in like a Lion Series 1 and 2

Sangatsu no Lion or March Comes in like a Lion is a rather wonderfully unique slice of life entry into the anime world. The story follows Rei Kiriyama (Jap: Kengo Kawanishi (Hu Li (Kitsune no Koe)); Eng: Khoi Dao), a 16 year old professional 5th dan Shogi player who lives by himself in June town Read More

Series Review – Yagate Kimi Ni Naru (Bloom into You)

Spoiler Warning Based on a popular yuri manga, Bloom into You is unexpectedly one of the Fall/Winter Season’s contenders for best anime. While I’m not really a fan of Yuri and Yaoi anime, this series surprisingly won my heart and drew me back to it again and again with its beautiful visuals, in-depth characterizations, amazing Read More

Series Review – Lord of Vermillion

*Major Spoiler Warnings Blending action, drama and romance, Lord of Vermilion is an exciting, action-packed addition to the 2018 anime Fall lineup! Synopsis Based on a popular Japanese video game series, Lord of Vermilion follows the story of Chihiro Kamina (Jap: Yūki Kaji; Eng: Orion Pitts), a 19 year old university student who one day Read More