New Book – Kickstarter Project

Hi everyone! Sorry for not blogging much lately. But I have exciting news! The reason why I’ve been so busy is because I am currently writing a children’s book based on an adaptation of the Urashima Taro Folktale. I started it in September and I have now finished my first draft. So I am just Read More

First Impressions – Assault Lily Bouquet

Hi everyone! Looks like we have our first anime for the Fall anime season and the one I will introducing to you today is the latest action-packed show, Assault Lily Bouquet! Premise Assault Lily Bouquet is based on two novels, Assault Lily: Ichiryūtai, Shutsugeki Shimasu! and Assault Lily Arms written by Hiroyuki Kasama. It is Read More

The Misfit of Demon King Academy #06 – Magic Sword Tournament

Hi everyone! Welcome to Anime Asterisk. For today’s episode, I will be reviewing The Misfit of Demon King Academy #06 – Magic Sword Tournament. Episode Recap Family Dinner So Episode 6 begins with Anos and everyone including Misa and Lay throwing a celebratory dinner for Anos passing the combat exam from the previous episode. Nervous, Read More

Deca-Dence #05 – Differential Gear

Hi everyone! Welcome to Anime Asterisk.  For today’s episode , I shall be covering Deca-Dence Episode 5 – Differential Gear! Episode Recap Differential Gear begins with Natsume and the other gear warriors shipping out for the Gadoll’s nest. On the battlefield, Natsume and the rest of Team 6 head for the Gadoll’s nest as Kurenai Read More

The Misfit of Demon King Academy #04 – 15th Birthday

Hi everyone! Welcome to Anime Asterisk. Today, I present to you The Misfit of Demon King Academy Episode 4: 15th Birthday. So, please enjoy it! Episode Recap So Episode 4 begins where Episode 3 left off with Misha revealing to Anos that she will disappear at the stroke of midnight on her 15th birthday. Anos Read More

Deca-Dence #04 – Transmission

Hi everyone! Welcome to Deca-Dence episode 4: Transmission. Episode Recap Transmission begins with Natsume and Kaburagi getting caught up in the Gadoll attack from the last episode. Natsume is frantically searching for Pipe when she suddenly gets called over by Kaburagi. Worried, Kaburagi orders Natsume to get back into the Deca-Dence. But Natsume refuses, declaring Read More

Deca-Dence #03 – Steering

Episode Recap Steering follows where Episode 2 left off with Kaburagi leading Natsume to the Gear level to get some fighting equipment for her training. As they are walking, Kaburagi recalls his discovery that Natsume has been labelled as “dead” by the system. In a flashback, Kaburagi investigates further and discovers a clip showing the Read More

Deca-Dence #2 – Sprocket!

Episode Recap Episode 2 continues where the last episode left off with the giant Giland being defeated by Deca-Dence’s large plasma cannon. As Natsume stares on at the sight of wounded soldiers on the battlefield, Kaburagi tells her that this is real battle and asks if she has changed her mind in becoming a soldier. Read More

Deca-Dence #01 – A Day in the Life of a Tanker

With the commencement of the new summer anime season, I have decided to start blogging episode reviews again. So for the first anime I will be covering for this season, I will be covering the latest original anime, “Deca-Dence.” Episode Recap So Deca-Dence starts with a team of explorers searching the ruins of a desolate Read More

Maintaining the Balance with Shironeko Project: Zero Chronicle

*Major Spoilers Warning Well, that was a shocking ending! Never would I expect that a light-hearted anime to have such a tragic ending. True, both the Light and Dark Kingdoms were destroyed and pretty much everyone died, Phios went insane. But there’s still hope as the world was reborn and the Prince of Darkness was Read More