The Misfit of Demon King Academy #08 – The Final Duel

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So were are now at the finals of the tournament. Today, we see who will reign supreme. Is it going to be Anos or swordmaster Lay? Let’s find out in today’s episode recap of The Misfit of Demon King Academy Episode 8: The Final Duel.

Episode Recap

The final day of the tournament is here and Anos and Lay are preparing to face off in the arena. As the crowd cheers the two on, the announcer announces some new special rules. The referee gives the pair magic bracelets and the announcer tells the crowd that the fighters will lose if the bracelets are destroyed. Using a telepathic channel, one of the messenger owls secretly informs Anos that the bracelets have been set to exacerbate Lay’s mother’s illness and kill her, if they refuse to fight. The owl further adds that if Anos defeats Lay then the contractual spell on Lay will kill him. The announcer then announces the start of the bout.

The battle starts with Lay and Anos exchanging blows as Anos’ bracelet drains his energy. Noticing the drain spell, Lay tells Anos that his bracelet is ornamental and that the Royalists told him to buy some time for them. However, saying all that, Lay tells Anos that he has no intention of abiding by their rules and activates the contract spell by violating his contract with them. Telling Anos that he is going to die soon, Lay implores Anos to give him his best. Impressed, Anos calls Lay his friend and tells him to come at with everything he’s got.  The two then continue their duel. Coming at each other, the two exchange blows so fast that not even the audience can see them.  Finally, the two come to their final strike. Aiming carefully, Anos manages to stab Lay in the heart, winning the duel. Though he loses an arm in the process.

The Criminal Reveals Himself

Before the audience can cheer, Lay and Anos are teleported into an alternate space. The owl’s voice tells Anos how long he has awaited this chance. Confronting him, Anos calls out the culprit Melheis Boran to show himself. Revealing himself, Melheis confirms that he is indeed the culprit and declares his victory. Melheis then summons Gaios and Ydol to help him. Smirking, Anos decapitates Gaios and Ydol and casts Rivide on them to stop their time. Lay then stands back up and reveals that he is fine. Surprised, Melheis asks how Lay can be alive and Lay reveals that Anos had removed the contract spell with his final strike. Appalled, Melheis claims that he didn’t see the two of them conspiring together. Lay declares that it is because he trusted Anos, so he didn’t need to conspire with him.

Amused, Melheis declares that it is a little too soon to revel in their victory and summons a portal revealing Lay’s mother trapped in a binding spell. Confident, Melheis proposes a trade that Anos swear fealty to the Royalists and in exchange he will heal Lay’s mother. A cocky Anos tells Melheis to go ahead and kill her. Lay agrees with Anos, stating that he was prepared for this. Anos then causes a diversion to allow Lay to jump through portal. Furious, Melheis uses Beno Ievun against Anos. Striking him with dark blasts, Melheis reveals that he used the bracelet to provide his spell with Anos’ energy. Bragging, Melheis proclaims that Anos will not escape. Amused, Anos asks if Melheis really thinks that and attacks him with his disembodied arm.

Escaping into a separate dimension, Melheis mistakenly confesses that he is impressed by Anos for regaining all his power so soon after reincarnating. Melheis brags that he has confined himself in an absolute space which only he can enter. Opening another portal, Melheis attacks Lay and his mother. However, Anos casts a shield spell around the two; protecting them from the blast. As Melheis starts laughing assured of his victory, Anos telepathically contacts Lay and asks Lay to help him out. Getting serious, Lay asks Anos to craft a sword for him. Anos warns him that his body could get hurt in the process. But Lay assures Anos that he will be fine.

Smirking, Anos makes a sword for Lay. Picking it up, Lay then uses it to tear apart the darkness. However, Lay’s sword breaks in the process. Despairing, Lay starts to give up. But Anos encourages Lay to stand up and up. Suddenly, Lay hears his mother calling for him. Telling him that she will lend him a hand, Lay’s mother transforms herself into a magic sword which Lay uses to rip apart space. Slicing the dimensions, Lay manages to land a cut on Melheis.

Finishing their part, Lay’s sword transforms back into his mother. Lay’s mother tells him how proud she is of him and disappears after telling him she lives him. Crying, Lay is encouraged by Anos who tells him that he will create an opportunity for him now. In his dimension, a confident Melheis claims that losing Beno Ievun will not stop him from claiming his victory.

Anos, however, refutes that statement as he grabs onto Melheis’ right shoulder. Nervous, Melheis asks how Anos could have entered his absolute space. Anos reminds Melheis of the Spirit Sword’s effects. Getting spooked, Melheis traps Anos in Beno Ievun’s silo and blows it up. However, Melheis’ victory does not last long as Anos reappears from the blast unscathed. Melheis tries it again, only for it to fail again. Getting serious, Anos summons his demon sword, Venuxdnor. Thanking Melheis for restoring his full power, Anos uses the sword to destroy the sword controlling his mind.


After the battle, Melheis apologizes for his many transgressions. He then reveals that he was attacked and brainwashed by an unknown entity after their meeting. Understanding, Anos cures Gaios and Ydol of their affliction. Suddenly, Anos spots a masked figure in a nearby corridor. Before they can ask him any questions, the masked figure walks away. Picking up his sword, Anos instructs Melheis to take Gaios and Ydol away and resurrect them.

Time then restarts, as Anos and Lay resume their original positions. As the smoke clears, the audience see the two. Seeing the fallen Lay, the announcer proclaims Anos as the winner. The audience applauds. Hoisting his sword in the air, Anos declares that he won because of the sword his father lovingly crafted for him and thanks him for it. Touched, Gustav starts crying out of happiness. Turning around, Anos offers to heal Lay for the medics. Accepting, they let him treat Lay.

Regaining consciousness, Lay asks if everything is over. Anos replies it is and reassures that his mother is fine. He then revives Lay’s mother and explains how he saved her by spreading the legend that Lay’s mother is a sword (Which is true). Crying, Sheila thanks Anos as she hugs Lay. Later, during the awards ceremony, Anos receives a sword from Sasha. Exchanging a brief chat, Sasha shyly kisses him on the cheek. Anos then meets up with Misha who asks him if he had fun. Anos replies that he did.


As far as mid-boss battles goes, this was a pretty fun episode. The action sequences were fast-paced and exciting. The pacing and music were wonderful. And, I’m glad that Lay also played a role in defeating the bad guy, instead of Anos overwhelming him like he did with Ivis. It was really good to see that they didn’t make Anos as overpowered in this episode and that he actually had difficulty in the battle with Melheis.

I am also slightly disappointed though that Gaios and Ydol didn’t play as a big role as they did. They were defeated rather easily and didn’t get much time to shine. Though if this show gets a second season, I hope they do have bigger roles. But now Anos has got four of the Seven Elder Demon Emperors on his side. So he now has a little bit of an upper edge against Avos Dilhevia.

I was hoping that they weren’t going to go with the predictable route with Melheis being the bad guy. But, its nice to know that he was actually a good guy and only being manipulated. I’m also glad that Anos managed to save

Sheila Glanzudlii and that Lay’s story didn’t end in tragedy. Though I do wonder who that guy in the mask is. I hope we find out before the season is over!

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