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Today, we have got an exciting nerve-wrecking episode recap for you. So let me present Deca-Dence Episode 8: Turbine.

Episode Recap

Episode 8 begins with a brief recap of what happened at the end of Episode 7. With Kaburagi announcing that he is going to destroy the Gadoll factory. Naturally, everyone thinks that Kaburagi has gone nuts and question his idea. Kaburagi explains that he thinks the system has gone crazy, so he is going to do as he pleases. Scoffing, Turkey tells Kaburagi to keep them out of his mess. But, Kaburagi retorts that individual desires matter and declares that he is going to destroy the system.

Turkey further teases Kaburagi. But when he turns to Donatello, he starts freaking out at the look on Donatello’s face. Laughing, Donatello gets fired up and tells Kaburagi that he loves the idea. Scared, Turkey implores Donatello to listen to reason. But winds up with a punch to the face. Jill then bursts the party’s bubble by reminding everyone that they are at the bottom of the lake, so how are they going to break pass the facility’s security systems.

Kaburagi suggests using Deca-Dence to log in and infiltrate the facility from the game. But Jill straight up argues that it won’t work as there is an invisible shield around the factory which senses the chips installed inside both Tankers and Avatars.Thinking, Kaburagi suggests using an avatar without a chip in it.Jill admits that it is possible, but asks where they would find one. Kaburagi firmly declares that he is certain that his Avatar hasn’t been terminated yet. Surprised, Donatello asks how he knows that.

 A resolute Kaburagi explains that he is certain that Minato is keeping his avatar somewhere. But adds that the real snag is finding out where Minato stored his avatar. Agreeing, Jill remarks that she will look into its location. As Jill leaves, Kaburagi warns everyone that there is no backing out, once they’re in. Turkey reluctantly agrees. Although Sarkozy tries to back out and run away, Donatello forces him into participating. Kaburagi then announces the start of the first stage of the plan.

At the same time, Minato receives a call from Jill. Pissed off, Minato asks what she wants. Jill reveals that she knows that he has got an illegal avatar collection going on. Alert, Minato denies the allegation and tells her that he is ending the call. Ending the call, Minato accesses his computer and checks out the locations of his avatar collection to make sure they are still there.

In that moment, Jill hacks Minato’s computer and retrieves the location of Kaburagi’s avatar. Wondering what Jill is scheming, Minato thinks to himself that he may have to move it soon. Suddenly, Minato is alerted to a visitor. As the door opens, Minato sees Hugin and Munnin who tell him that they have received a tip about his him.

A short while later, Kaburagi, Donatello, Jill, Turkey and Sarkozy log into Deca-Dence with their illegal accounts. Breaking through the security, Jill leads them through the staff level to where the avatar storage facility is. Stunned, Kaburagi asks who Jill is and Jill replies that she is just a bug. Meanwhile, Hugin and Munnin are leading Minato to the same facility.

Inside the Power Avatar Storage facility, Kaburagi and his team walk in and are surprised by the rows of avatar chamber pods (Think the Door Room from Monsters Inc.). Jill remarks that its not really that surprising, since all of the avatars are managed here. Worried, Turkey asks Jill if they can really find Kaburagi’s avatar here. Jill replies that it will be fine and instructs them to head into the chamber room.

Once in the main chamber room, Jill instructs Turkey and Sarkozy to jump onto a chamber pod, while Kaburagi and Donatello hop onto another one. Sarkozy refuses, but Turkey gets kick him onto it. Arriving at their location, Jill instructs Sarkozy and Turkey to keep an eye on the access room, while Kaburagi and Donatello retrieve Kaburagi’s avatar. Grumbling, Donatello asks if this is really necessary. But Jill just keeps firing instructions at them. 

Back with Turkey and Sarkozy, Sarkozy is falling asleep. Waking himself up, Sarkozy decides to drink some of his home-brewed oxyone. Suddenly, Turkey spots Hugin and Minato in the access room. Warning Jill, Jill tells the gang that something is going on. Double checking, Jill notices that the pod with Kaburagi’s avatar has begun moving.

Alerting the others, Jill instructs Kaburagi and Donatello to follow it as they leap from pod to pod. Meanwhile, Sarkozy who has fallen asleep almost gets knocked off the shelf by a moving pod. Screaming, Sarkozy alerts Hugin to their presence who goes outside to investigate.  Leaping into the storage room, Hugin starts searching around. He almost finds Turkey and Sarkozy. But they escape by hiding inside a pod. Though Turkey forces Sarkozy to log out by breaking his neck to keep him quiet.

Meanwhile, Kaburagi and Donatello manage to catch up to the pod with Kaburagi’s body in it. However, just before Donatello can jump over to it, Donatello gets knocked off by another pod. As Kaburagi turns to his left, he suddenly spots Hugin in the distance. Freaking out, Jill tells Kaburagi to hurry. In a race against time, Kaburagi makes a leap of faith.

A few minutes later, Kaburagi’s avatar pod makes it to Minato’s location. Joining him, Hugin tells Minato to open the pod. Opening the pod, Minato and Hugin are surprised to see…..a cyborg sex toy!? Absolutely stunned, Hugin tells Minato that he will let it slide only if he keeps private and leaves. As Hugin leaves, Minato wonders what happened to Kaburagi’s avatar body.

In the staff corridor, Donatello is lugging Kaburagi’s avatar body, remarking that Kaburagi really had him scared for a moment. Logging out, the team has a celebration for their success. Getting back to the plan, Jill wonders why Hugin was at the facility. Turkey just blows it off and asks what are they going to do now. Jill replies that Kaburagi will probably have to have one more person with him. Kaburagi responds that he has someone in mind and logs back into Deca-Dence.

In Tank town, Natsume is cheering up Kurenai about her lack of welding skill. When suddenly the two are approached by a man in a cloak coming up behind them. Sensing him, the girls kick the man down, revealing Kaburagi under the hood. Surprised, the girls are greeted by Kaburagi.

Back in the facility, Donatello rounds up the rest of the prisoners and announces their plan to break out. Taking out a megaphone, Jill explains what they use the Gadoll poop for, making everyone throw up in the process. Amidst the barf fest, Jill continues her argument by insulting and goading them into action. Her plan works, much to Turkey’s displeasure. After the meeting, Sarkozy leaves and is approached by Turkey.

At Kaburagi’s apartment, Kaburagi explains  Natsume that he has discovered the source of the Gadoll and that he is going to destroy it. Excited, Natsume suggests getting the others involved. But Kaburagi tells Natsume that he can’t because he cannot guarantee their survival. Picking up Pipe, Natsume tells Kaburagi to just ask her for help, because she will gladly do it for him. Smiling, Kaburagi declares that Natsume is amazing.

Suddenly, Kaburagi receives a message from Jill telling him that he has a visitor. Logging back out, Kaburagi heads to a visitors’ room and finds Minato waiting for him. Greeting him,  Minato confronts Kaburagi about the stolen avatar and asks why he took it. Kaburagi confesses that he is sick of the system for messing with his and Natsume’s lives. Upset, Minato implores Kaburagi to leave Natsume alone as she is just a bug.  Kaburagi argues that the system didn’t Minato save him from scrapping, despite being a bug himself. 

Saddened, Minato asks Kaburagi what has gotten into him. Kaburagi doesn’t answer and instead informs Minato of his intentions to destroy the Gadoll factory and deactivate the system permanently. Turning to the prisoners outside, Kaburagi admits that he is jealous of humans and the way that they live their lives. Kaburagi then wonders if they could do too. Imploring Minato to join his cause, Kaburagi is met with rejection.

Chuckling, Minato calls Kaburagi an idiot and yells at him to think about himself for once. Angry, Minato argues that doing this will make him a traitor and tells him to reconsider his plan. Kaburagi replies that he can’t. Minato then leaves the room, telling Kaburagi that he won’t report him to the system. Outside, Minato mutters that all he wanted was to fight alongside Kaburagi again.

In another pocket of the facility, Turkey tells Sarkozy that he is planning to betray Kaburagi and the others and wants Sarkozy to help him out with it. Nervous, Sarkozy tells Turkey that he cannot do that. But Turkey convinces him that doing so will save their comrades and they will be celebrated as heroes for doing it. The episode ends with them doing a cheers with their cups.


So we are now building up to the climax of the show. This was a very tense episode overall.  Particularly when Hugin almost caught everyone in the Power Avatar Storage room. My heart literally jumped out of its chest when Hugin almost caught Turkey and Sarkozy. But I got to admit that sex toy switch did make me laugh.

However, this episode was truly Monsters Inc. inspired. From the pod leaping scene to the design of the room, everything practically screamed Monsters Inc. Even the episode’s plot was incredibly similar to the Pixar film. Turkey is basically like Randall Boggs from the Monsters Inc. He is the snide rival who wants to overturn the social status and become top dog. To the point, that he will cunningly betray and backstab his companions to make it big.
To be completely honest, I wasn’t surprised when Turkey turned to traitor. He just seems to be that sort of character who takes advantage of others to bolster himself up. Though I am disappointed that Sarkozy decided to join him.

Overall, I hope everything goes well for Kaburagi’s plan. But I have a feeling that there will be some hiccups along the way. 
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