The Misfit of Demon King Academy #07 – Mother’s Words

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The tournament arc is burning up and along with it are new rivals and even more bitter enemies. What danger will Anos face in today’s episode of The Misfit of Demon King Academy #07 – Mother’s Words!

Episode Recap

First Day of the Tournament

Mother’s Words begins with Anos thoroughly crushing his opponent, Kurt Ludowell (CV: Tarusuke Shingaki), to the tune of his fan union’s cheer song. Claiming victory, Anos declares that he couldn’t have done without the sword that his father lovingly forged for him. Listening, Gusta starts crying his eyes out. Seeing her brother’s defeat, Emilia clenches her fist in anger and swears revenge against Anos as he leaves the arena.
Later in the waiting room, Misa congratulates Anos for his victory. Though Anos cautions that it is still way too early for that yet. The sounds of cheers come over the monitor and Anos turns to see that Lay has defeated his opponent too. As the announcer declares Lay’s victory, he also lays a shocking announcement that Kurt is a member of the Lognorth Magic Sword Association. Hearing that Lay belongs to same royalist association as Kurt, Anos becomes suspicious. Lay then enters the room.
Sensing the mood, Lay requests that Anos and Misa do not ask him questions. However, Misa refuses and asks why Lay is with the Lognorth Magic Sword Association. Lay refuses to answer and instead replies that he can longer be friends with them anymore as he is with the Royalists now. Going to leave, Lay tells Anos that he will kill him. Anos welcomes the challenge. Lay replies that its not much of a threat and Anos replies that he should show him his resolve. The two then exchange blows, grievously wounding each other. After exchanging some more smack talk, Anos and Lay part ways.
As Anos stares at the blood on his hand, Misa asks what was that about. Anos explains that he saw a strange collar around Lay’s neck and thinks that he may be under a magic sword contract spell. He then further explains that the contract spell is located in Lay’s heart, so the spell will likely kill him, if he betrays the Royalists. Anos further adds that the Royalists may be using Lay’s mother as a hostage against Lay.

Visiting Sheila Glanzudli

 The competition then continues with Anos defeating his next opponent. The commentator announces that Anos will face off against Lay in the finals. After the first day of the tournament, Anos is congratulated for his qualifier victories by his family, Misha and the rest of the members of the fan union. The fan members then compliment Gusta for the sword he crafted, causing him to gloat. Whispering to Anos, Misha asks if what they are claiming is true. Anos replies that it is true that the sword is filled with love. Misha remarks that Anos is kind.
Suddenly, the bell chimes rings and Gusta remarks that he has to get back to work. He then tells Anos that he will cheer for him tomorrow as well and leaves. Wishing him well, Anos tells his mother, Izabella that he has an errand to run. Izabella offers to take his sword back home for him, but Anos is concerned that it might be too heavy for her. Izabella replies that it is fine. Taking the sword, Izabella almost drops it, but manages to hold on to it. She then swears to protect his sword with her life and the fan girls offer to escort her home. Accepting, Anos lets them go.
At the Lognorth hospital, Anos and Misa teleports into Sheila Glanzudli’s (CV: Ayako Kawasumi) hospital room. Noticing the transparency of Lay’s mother body, Anos surmises that her source is diminishing and that she is losing her magical power along with it. Using his demonic eyes, Anos examines Sheila and notes that her condition is strange. Anos then comes to the conclusion that Sheila is half-demon/half-spirit like Misa.
Surprised, Misa remarks that its strange for Lay’s mother to  be a Hybrid when Lay is a royal. Anos surmises that Lay could be adopted and that they may have to look at this disease as something unique to Hybrids. Suddenly, Sheila wakes up and asks Anos if he is the Anos. Anos replies that he is and asks how she knows about him. Sheila explains that Lay talks about Anos non-stop. Anos asks Sheila if she knows about the contractual magic sword in Lay’s heart and Sheila answers that she does. Sheila further explains that the Royalists are using her medical treatment to get Lay to follow their orders.
Hearing her confession, Anos replies that he can heal her, that way Lay can stop being under their spell. Anos then asks about Spirit Disease and a weakened Sheila explains that her disease is caused by a lack of rumors and legends fueling her source.  Hearing this, Anos asks what Sheila’s tradition is. Sheila quietly answers that she doesn’t remember, but for some reason she feels stronger today. Anos surmises that her tradition may have been passed down today.
Wanting to conserve her strength, Sheila tells Anos that she has something she wants to tell Anos. She then explains Lay’s past and how he hated himself for being so strong in swordplay. Sheila then tells Anos that when Lay lost to him, Lay came to her and explain how elated he was to have lost. Sheila remarks that it was weird, but understands that what Lay wants is to go all out in a sword duel with Anos. Sheila then begs Anos to save her son. Concerned, Anos asks if she is alright with that because that would mean that she would die. Sheila replies that she is fine with that.

Saddened, Misa cries out that this wrong and begs Anos to help. Anos explains that it will be difficult, but he may be able to do it with Misa’s help. Anos then activates a new spell to transfer some of Misa’s legends and traditions over to Sheila. However, he warns Misa that she could lose her life in the process. Despite Sheila’s protests, Misa argues that she wants to do it, because she wants to help Lay too. Anos then fully activates the spell. As Misa maintains the spell, Anos senses something in the distance.

Emilia Strikes!

Meanwhile, Izabella and the fan union girls are walking home, when they are suddenly approached by Ms. Emilia. Greeting them, Ms. Emilia informs Izabella that the steering committee asked her to bring Anos’ sword to them for holding until the finals. One of the fangirls, Jessica Arnest (CV: Madoka Asahina) remarks that she doesn’t remember any such rule as Ms. Emilia goes up to Izabella. Extending her hand, Ms. Emilia asks for the sword. Izabella refuses stating that she will take it to the committee herself. Upset, Ms. Emilia tries to rip the sword from Izabella’s hands and threatens to kill her.
Still unable to take the sword, Ms. Emilia gets aggressive and tries to launch a magical attack on Izabella. Izabella manages to dodge the blast. However, she hurts her ankle crashing into the ground. Worried, the fan union members ask Izabella if she is alright. But as another blast comes at the group, the fan union members rise to Izabella’s defense and try to block the blast. Barely holding on, the fan union members get blasted to the ground.
Getting up, Izabella looks at the injured girls and yells at Emilia asking why she is doing this to her own students. Ms. Emilia declares that she doesn’t consider Hybrids to be her students and asks for the sword again. Aghast, Izabella asks why Emilia wants Anos’ sword. Furious, Emilia declares that it is because Anos humiliated her family and is unable to forgive him for it. Izabella argues that it is wrong to steal Anos’ sword.
Getting even angrier, Emilia yells that this is what is wrong with commoners and tries to fire another blast at Izabella. However, before the blast can hit Izabella, the fan union girls rise up and block the blast. Taking the full force of it, the girls implore Izabella to escape while they hold Ms. Emilia off. Izabella refuses, but the girls insist that they will be fine. Seeing their courage, Izabella accepts their offer and tries to flee.

Despite their best efforts, the girls are quickly overpowered and knocked down to the ground. As Ms. Emilia walks up to them, she continues to berate them. In defiance, the girls rise back up again while chanting their cheer song. As they continue chanting, Emilia continues blasting the girls, killing them. As their charred bodies hit the ground, Izabella falls to her knees. But before Emilia can kill her, Anos arrives and blocks the blast.

Anos to the Rescue

 Noticing Anos, Izabella instructs Anos to heal the girls. Haughty, Emilia arrogantly yells at Anos to know his place.But an infuriated Anos tells her to shut up and uses his demonic eyes to paralyze her.  He then heals his mother and the girls. Getting down on one knee, Anos asks the girls for their names and they introduce themselves. Repeating their names, Anos thanks the girls for saving his mother and tells them that he is deeply indebted to them. Turning to his mother, Anos informs Izabella that she is leaving the rest to her and goes to confront Emilia.
Confronting Emilia, Anos tells her that he is usually a lenient man, but she has pushed him over the edge. Grabbing her by the throat, Anos teleports himself and Emilia to the arena and fatally stabs her. Explaining her circumstances, Anos forces Emilia to acknowledge him as the Demon King of Tyranny and makes her beg for her life. Doing so, Anos removes the sword from Emilia’s back and kills her. He then reincarnates her. But to Emilia’s surprise, she is not reincarnated as a royal, but as a Hybrid instead.
Shocked and appalled, Emilia tries to take her own life. But Anos cruelly informs her that he has cursed her so that even if she does commit suicide and gets reborn, she will be constantly reincarnated as Hybrid. Anos then heals her wound. Teleporting away, Anos expresses his wish that Emilia uses the opportunity to see the country from a different perspective and change her view on Hybrids. Lying on the ground, Emilia starts screaming and sobbing uncontrollably.
Meanwhile in Sheila’ s hospital room, Misa is still keeping up the spell. She is then surprised by Lay who holds a dagger to her throat. Asking what she is doing, Lay is told by Misa that she is transferring some of her legends to keep his mother alive and that she hopes that she can free him from the Royalists by doing so. Lay replies that Misa is too trusting and asks if Anos is in on this too. Misa declares that he isn’t.
Understanding the situation a little better, Lay tells Misa to take a break. When Misa refuses, Lay remarks that her efforts are pointless if she dies before gaining her goal of equality. Misa argues that it is not pointless and argues that if  she can’t act on her emotions now, then she will never be able to lay her life on the line when it really matters. Smiling, Lay thanks her and  knocks her out.
Placing Misa on a nearby couch, Lay suddenly hears his mother calling to him. Going over to her, Lay is informed by his mother that she knows everything and implores him not to worry about her. Asking what she means by that, Lay is informed that his mother was happy to have met him. Sheila then reminisces about when she met Lay for the first time, after he had been abandoned by his parents and taken in by her. Sheila then tells Lay that she wants Lay to be true to himself and live freely. Sheila then falls back asleep. Relieved, Lay makes up his mind and leaves the room as Anos arrives. Going over to the window, Anos watches Lay as he leaves.

The Finals

The next day, Anos prepares for his fight in the waiting room with Misha holding onto his sword. Giving Anos his sword, Misha wishes him good luck. Anos kindly tells Misha that he is off now and heads into the arena. In the main arena, Anos gets ready to fight with everyone cheering him on.


So this was an incredible episode. The music and animation were flawless and it really set the sad mood of the episode. Lay’s circumstances are especially sad. Not only was he abandoned by his biological parents, but his adoptive mother is being used as a hostage against him and he is under a contract that will kill him.  I hope Anos rescues him from his fate. I also thought that Misa would be another member of Ano’s harem. However,  I was wrong. I really adore her interactions with Lay and I now wholeheartedly ship them together.

We also get further insight into the social class divide and why there is such a division of the two classes. It all comes down to a horrible false sense of purity and entitlement. The Royalists view themselves as pure beings because they have received the Demon King’s blood and think of themselves as superior to the Hybrids. Not much different from how the rich sometimes treat the poor. A good reflection of our current world.

It was also nice seeing Emilia get her comeuppance. Her sense of entitlement really bugged me and it really made mad when she said that she considered her Hybrid students to be thieves. Although I’m not sure torture was the best method to get her to see reason. Although if my friends and family had been attacked, I would be equally as furious as Anos. He really put the phrase “walk a mile in another shoes” to good use.  I really do hope that Emilia gets a better perspective of Hybrids, but somehow I don’t think we’ve seen the last of her yet.

Another thing that I can absolutely say, is never underestimate the power of a fangirl! Yes, fangirls and boys are fierce creatures that can become ten times stronger, if its for the sake of our favorite actors, TV shows, anime characters or ships. And these girls are definitely proof of that. Seeing them get Anos’ approval was absolutely touching and I hope this means that they have become official members of Team Anos now. Well, I hope so for now. Their cheer song on the other hand reminded me of Megumi Hayashibara’s ‘Give a Reason,’ a real motivator song.

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