The Misfit of Demon King Academy #06 – Magic Sword Tournament

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Welcome to Anime Asterisk. For today’s episode, I will be reviewing The Misfit of Demon King Academy #06 – Magic Sword Tournament.

Episode Recap

Family Dinner

So Episode 6 begins with Anos and everyone including Misa and Lay throwing a celebratory dinner for Anos passing the combat exam from the previous episode. Nervous, Misa asks if it is really okay for her to join Team Anos, even though she lost. Anos replies that it’s fine because he acknowledges her potential and for using a spell that belonged to Lignon. Misa thanks him. Anos’ parents then start gushing over how much Anos has grown and claim that he will become demon king at this rate. Anos’ mother, Izabella then remembers that she has been learning too and remarks that she has been going over to Elio Ludowell’s castle for lessons. Hearing the name, Anos remarks that it sounds familiar. Misha informs him that it should because Elio is Ms. Emilia’s father. Anos’ parents then declare that they will cheer on Anos’ dream.
After dinner, Misa and Lay go outside and have a talk, while Izabella shows Sasha and Misha’s Anos’ photo albums. Inside, Anos’ father, Gusta, regales the sisters with a story of Anos almost died in the womb. Izabella continues that she prayed with all her might for Anos to be born healthy and well.  Outside,  Misa thanks Lay for helping her get on Anos’ team. Lay laments his actions a bit and replies that he should have gone with a different tactic, so that the other girls in the fan union could have joined the team too.
Looking at Lay, Misa remarks that he is strange because he treats her like a normal person, despite being a royal. Lay replies that he doesn’t think its strange at all, because all he wants to do is to focus on his swordsmanship. Happy, Misa replies that this is probably what it means to not discriminate against others. Embarrassed, Lay tells her not to compliment him too much.
Changing the subject, Lay asks if Misa has ever felt rundown or anything like that. Misa replies that she only feels that way every so often and asks why Lay wants to know. Lay replies that it is because he has heard that half-spirit/half-demons don’t live long because of spirit magic and remarks that Misa must be something special. Misa blushes the praise off and the two of them head back inside.The next day, Ms. Emilia announces the class participants for the Magic Sword Tournament which is just Anos and Lay. She then dismisses class after reminding the two to make sure they have a magic sword prepared for the tournament.

Meeting Melheis Boran

After class, Anos and Lay meet in the hallway and start discussing the tournament. Anos remarks that its weird that the royals want him to participate in the tournament due to hybrid heritage. Lay asks if he thinks that they royals have some ulterior motive. But before Anos can answer, Misa approaches the two and informs Anos that their backer Melheis Boran is here and asks Anos wants to meet him. Anos replies that he does and leaves Lay with that thought.
At the fan union clubroom, Misa knocks on the door and informs Melheis that she has brought Anos. Opening the door, Melheis becomes delighted to see Anos and starts crying for joy. Bowing, Melheis informs Anos that he has been eagerly awaiting the day Anos would be reborn. Anos asks if he remembers him and Melheis sadly replies that someone has erased his memories of him. However, Melheis adds that his source has never forgotten him.  
Intrigued, Anos asks how much Melheis remembers and Melheis informs Anos about the events that happened after Kanon killed him. In a flashback, Melheis informs Anos that when he woke up, he was inside the great spirit forest without his memories. He then searched around until he discovered the barrier and spent a hundred years trying to get back into Dilhade. But when he returned, the name of the Demon King of Tyranny had changed and was replaced by Avos Dilhevia.
Back in the present, Avos asks Melheis if he has any idea about what Avos is plotting. Melheis replies that he doesn’t. Anos then asks why someone would put his name in for the Magic Sword Tournment and Melheis surmises that the Royal Supremacists probably want to humiliate Anos by losing in the tournament, as he is the light of hope for the Unitarians. Melheis then advises that Anos withdraw from the tournament to lure out Avos. Anos replies that he will think about it.  

The Date

Later that evening, Anos returns home to find Misha helping his mother prepare dinner. Anos asks what Misha is doing here and Izabella informs Anos that Misha wanted to prepare a meal for him to say thank you. Understanding, Anos sits down and the three of them have dinner together. As the three of them are discussing the tournament, Anos notices that his father is missing and asks where he is. Izabella almost blurts the secret, but quickly changes the subject to dinner.
After dinner, Anos receives a message from an owl. Sending a response, Anos returns to the table and asks how he can repay Misha for dinner. Misha asks for an outing and Anos suggests that they should go into town together tomorrow as he has some business to take care of there.
The next day, Anos meets up with Misha and she takes him to her favourite magic model shop. Inside, Misha introduces Anos to the owner and shows him how to make a model with magic. Trying it out himself, Anos succeeds in creating a marble-sized detailed model of the city. Seeing it, the owner offers to buy it. But Anos rejects her offer and replies that he has another idea in mind for it.
Outside Anos and Misha head to a bench. Sitting down, Anos transforms the marble into a ring and gifts it to Misha. Thanking him, Misha laments that she hasn’t been able to do anything for him and wonders if she is useless. Anos replies that its not true and lists all of her positive qualities. Anos continues that Misha may surpass him one day and suggests that she work on getting stronger. Misha promises to do so.

Lognorth Hospital

Changing the subject, Misha asks Anos what his errand was. Smiling, Anos leads Misha to a cat cafe and treats her to lunch. As the two are eating, the pair are approached by a cat who is revealed to be Ivis in disguise. Greeting the pair, Anos asks Ivis about Melheis and the Unitarians. Ivis reports that he cannot find anything wrong with Melheis so far, but he is concerned about the Unitarians secret leader. Ivis further reports that there is another strange individual in Midhaze who is affiliated with Lognorth Magic Hospital. Ivis adds that the hospital is owned by Elio Ludowell, but he is just a figurehead and that it is likely that someone else is controlling the hospital. Understanding, Anos orders Ivis to continue his investigations into Melheis and the Magic Sword Tournament. Ivis then leaves.
After leaving the cat cafe, Anos and Misha go to check out the hospital. At the hospital, Anos scans the area and reveals that it doesn’t seem suspicious. Suddenly, Lay comes up to the pair and ask what they are doing. Anos replies that they are just passing by and ask what Lay is doing here. Lay replies that he is visiting his mother. Anos offers to treat her, but Lay kindly refuses and heads into the hospital. Before Lay leaves, Anos informs Lay that he might not appear in the tournament. Lay replies that they will fight some other time and leaves. As Lay leaves, Misha remarks that Lay seems different and Anos suggests that he should have Ivis check into him too.

Tournament Day

On the day of the tournament, Anos and his mother arrive at the arena. Anos worries that his sword might not be ready on time. But Izabella blurts out that it will be fine, but she closes her mouth before explaining the reason. Noticing her reaction, Anos asks if it has something to do with why his father hasn’t been home lately. With a loud voice, Izabella dismisses the idea and wishes Anos well before running off.
As he is thinking, Anos hears Ivis meowing to him and goes to meet him as the opening ceremony begins. At a bench, Ivis informs Anos that Melheis has nothing to do with the Magic Sword Tournament, but Gaios and Ydor do. Ivis further suspects that they are trying to lure Anos into a trap.  Anos then asks about Lay and Ivis informs him that Lay’s mother has been hospitalized with Spirit’s disease, a terminal disease. Ivis replies that he hasn’t heard of it either, but it seems to be an extremely rare disease. As Anos goes to leave, Ivis asks if he is planning to withdraw from the tournament. Anos replies that he does.
Inside the arena, the announcer announces the next participants, Kurt Lodowell of the Lognorth Magic Sword Association and Anos Voldigoad. As the crowd cheers for Kurt, people start noticing that Anos hasn’t shown up yet. Inside the main corridor leading to the main arena, Misa apologizes to Anos for making him go along with Melheis’s plan. Anos tells Misa not to worry about it, since he doesn’t have a magic sword anyway.
As the crowd starts jeering Anos, Izabella stands up and starts defending him. Suddenly, Gusta comes rushing towards Anos and Misa. Panting, Gusta gives Anos a magic sword and explains that he has personally forged it for him with adamantine steel. Noticing the wound on his father’s head, Anos shows concern for him. However, brushes it off as nothing and tells Anos to go for it. Touched by his parents’ kindness, Anos apologizes to Misa for not going along with their plans and makes a dramatic entrance into the arena. The episode ends with Anos preparing to fight Kurt as Lay waits in the waiting room. 


Okay, so this was really great episode. We got introduced to Melheis and the big set-up for the tournament. Melheis is an interesting individual. Although he doesn’t remember Anos, he appears to have some memories of him. He also seems like a legitimate good guy. However whether or not he is, is yet to be seen.
Additionally, Sasha didn’t have a particularly big role in this episode, but that was okay. It was nice seeing Misha and Anos having some alone time on their date. As a lover of models, I quite like the model shop and was amazed by the models there. Misha’s reaction to the cat cafe was also adorable. 
We also discovered more about Lay and his mother. Lay himself is a royal. But judging by how Lay asked Misa about her health and Ivis’ mention of Spirit disease, we can presume that Lay’s mother is a half-human/half-demon like Misa. So is this woman really his mother or was he simply adopted into a royal lineage. This also concerns me to some extent as Lay’s mother could also be used as hostage to force Lay to obey the royals. Though I hope this isn’t the case.

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