The Misfit of Demon King Academy #04 – 15th Birthday

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Welcome to Anime Asterisk. Today, I present to you The Misfit of Demon King Academy Episode 4: 15th Birthday. So, please enjoy it!

Episode Recap

So Episode 4 begins where Episode 3 left off with Misha revealing to Anos that she will disappear at the stroke of midnight on her 15th birthday. Anos asks if it has something to do with Sasha calling her a magic doll. Misha corrects him and explains that she never existed in the first place, leading Anos to ask if she was originally Sasha. Shocked, Misha asks how he knows and Anos explains that it is because Sasha was able to break the zecht contract she made with her.
Finishing his explanation, Anos reveals that he knows an old spell which separates a person into two beings and asks if Ivis Necron was responsible for what happened to them. Misha sadly admits that Anos is correct and explains that she received part of Sasha’s soul when she was a fetus. Interrogating Misha further, Anos asks if Ivis also used fusion magic on them and surmises that Ivis used it to try and create a more powerful demon race. Misha affirms it and explains the spell “Dino Jixes” to him. Uttering his disbelief, Anos listens as Misha explains how wanted to live a normal life. Claiming that meeting Anos was miracle, Misha continues that she was happy to make some memories with Anos and apologizes for bringing him into it. Upset, Anos hugs Misha and calls her a fool. Anos then promises to make Misha’s wish of making up with Sasha come true and the two chase after Sasha.

Inside the botanical garden, Anos and Misha catch up to Sasha and seal the entrance before she can escape. Confronting them, Sasha labels them idiots for wanting to make up with her. But Misha declares that she wants to know Sasha’s real feelings for her. Refusing to answer, Sasha instead challenges Anos to another duel and explains the rules for it. Listening, Anos agrees to the terms.

Heading to the center of the garden, Sasha starts weaving her magic circles and explains their functions to Anos. Laughing, Anos remarks that he now understands that Sasha never intended to win. Playing along, Anos claims his victory by controlling Zexis and demands that Sasha answer MIsha’s question. As Misha enters the twin magic circles, Sasha thinks to herself about all the times that Misha saved her. But laments how she couldn’t do anything for her growing up.

Still reminiscing, Sasha continues explaining that she decided to study magic to save Misha from her fate. Back in the present, Sasha powers up her magic circles. Still in her mind,  Sasha reveals that her goal is to make Misha hate her so that she can become the original ‘Sasha.’  Turning to Misha, Sasha declares that she has always hated her. Bidding farewell, Sasha silently thinks to herself that she has always loved Misha and activates the spell. However, to Sasha’s surprise, the spell doesn’t activate. Wondering what went wrong, Sasha is further surprised when Misha reveals that she doesn’t hate Sasha and confesses that she loves her. Collapsing in her arms, Sasha breaks down crying and begs her to reject her and not disappear.

Turning to Anos, Misha informs him that they have made up and that she has no regrets now. But Anos reveals his own little surprise and explains how he can save the girls using Dino Jixes and time travel manipulation. Shocked, Sasha rebuts explaining that they don’t have enough power for such a huge spell. But Anos replies that it is simple and activates Gyze. Anos then explains the girls’ jobs to them and states that the final condition is for both of them to fully believe that he is the true demon king.
Suddenly, the glass of the artificial sunlight shatters and Ivis enters the room. Stabbing Anos right through the chest, Ivis explains his plan to awaken his master using the sisters. Smirking, Anos retorts that he knew Ivis would show up and blasts him into a wall with a fireball. Pulling out the sword from his chest, Anos gloats before activating Rivide. Traveling through time, the trio find themselves trapped in a time displacement barrier. Wondering where they are, the sisters watch as the Guardian God of Time, Eugo La Raviaz appears from a rip in space.
Confronting Eugo, Anos asks Eugo to let them go. However, Eugo insists on punishing them. Grabbing Ivis, Eugo fuses with him and uses his body to attack the trio. Going on the offensive, Anos attacks Ivis. But his attacks are ineffective and Anos is forced to go on the defensive. Summoning barriers, Anos asks why Ivis is trying to kill him. But Ivis doesn’t answer and succeeds in stabbing him through the chest again.
Faking his death, Anos tricks Ivis and grabs him as he gloats about remembering Anos. Teleporting away, Ivis tries to freeze time, but fails to freeze Anos. Calling out to the sisters, Anos implores them to believe in him. Breaking free, Sasha and Misha call out Anos’ name and unleash an tremendous magical blast. Engulfed by the blast, Sasha and Misha declare that they believe in Anos and activate Dino Jixes. As the two fuse with their past selves, Anos summons the demonic sword Venuzdnor and uses it to free Ivis from the time guardian.
Back in the present, Anos resurrects Ivis who reveals that someone had killed him and possessed his body. Anos asks if that was the same someone that Ivis mentioned earlier and Ivis confirms it. Pointing a finger to Ivis’ head, Anos restores Ivis’ memories from 2000 years ago. Using the opportunity, Anos requests that Ivis fake his death and go underground to gather information on Avos Dilhevia and his supporters. Sasha and Misha then re-materialise and the trio leave the castle. Outside, Anos gifts Misha with the Lily-pad Ice ring  and wishes her a happy birthday. The three of them then leave to get breakfast at Anos’ place.


This was a really sweet episode. We got to see the sisters make up and we got more back story on the Necron twins. The action was pretty intense compared to the anti-climatic reveal from the last episode. However, the list of questions has just grown. Particularly, who killed Ivis and had him possessed? Since Ivis was pretty normal when Avis talked to him in the school hallway, he was probably attacked some time after that. It is possible that he was attacked by one of the other emperors, but I don’t think that’s the case. Overall, I rate this episode 8 out of 10!
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