The Misfit of Demon King Academy #03 – Sasha’s True Intentions

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I hope everyone is having a good day! Today, I am pleased to present to you,  the episode review for The Misfit of Demon King Academy: Episode 3 – Sasha’s True Intentions

Episode Recap

So Episode 3 begins with Sasha asking Misha about her feelings for Anos. Misha replies that she likes him. Understanding, Sasha comments that Anos is the first person besides Misha to compliment her Demonic eyes. She recalls how Misha was always there for her whenever she lost control of her power and remarks that she was able to calm down because of her. Thanking Misha, Sasha apologizes for her treatment of her and the two make up.

The next day at school, Misha asks Anos for some birthday gift ideas as Sasha’s birthday is the next day. Anos suggests that anything Misha decides on would be fine, causing Misha to settle on clothes. Sasha then enters the room and  goes over to sit with Anos and Misha.Saying hello, Sasha asks if her former teammates can join the team too. But, Anos tells her that he has already turned them down. Shocked, Sasha asks why and Anos replies that he thinks the three of them will do fine on their own.  Sasha reminds Anos that they need seven members for the academy tournament.

Class then starts. During class, Ms. Emilia Rudwell informs her class that they have a special guest lecturer and introduces him as one of the Seven Elder Demon Emperors. Noticing the confused look on Anos’ face, Sasha explains them and the purpose of the academy to him. Ms. Rudwell then brings in the guest and introduces him as Ivis Necron (CV: Ryotaro Okiayu). As Ivis enters class, Anos calls out to him and asks if Ivis remembers him. Ivis replies that he has lost all his memories from 2000 years ago. This leads Anos to cast a spell to make Ivis’ mind go back to 2000 years ago, shocking his teacher and classmates in the process. After finding the spell has no effect on him, Anos lets Ivis go to continue with his lecture.

After the lecture, Anos privately meets with Ivis in the hallway. Ivis informs Anos that his spell did work and asks what spell he used. Anos replies that he used the origin spell, Rivide. Explaining the spell’s purpose, Anos tells Ivis that he is confused as it appears someone has tampered with the past and replaced his name with Avos Dilhevia. Ivis replies that this seems logical, but suggests that Anos’ may have been the one who erased his memories. Ivis adds that he does feel some nostalgia coming from Anos, so he will remain neutral for now and leaves.

As Anos thinks on their conversation, Ms. Rudwell comes up to him and tells him that one of his teammates (Misha) has dropped their badge and asks asks him to give it to her. Taking the badge, Anos replies that he will and heads to the courtyard. Finding Misha, he gives her the badge and they talk about Misha’s upbringing. Suddenly, the pair are interrupted by a group of students harassing Sasha into asking Anos to let them on his team.  When Sasha refuses, the classmates ask if she is really okay with being on Anos and particularly Misha’s team. Furious, Sasha scares off the students using her demonic eyes and walks off.

Later, Anos and his team attend a dungeon exam. As Ms. Rudwell explains the rules of the exam, she reminds everyone to be careful of the monsters. The exam then starts and the rest of the students run straight into the dungeon. However, Anos and his team hang back. Getting upset, Sasha asks why they aren’t going in with the others. Anos explains that all they have to do is get the scepter on the deepest level. Sasha rebuts that the scepter is a legend. However, Anos asserts that its there. When Sasha asks how he knows, Anos replies that it is his castle after all.

Entering the dungeon, Anos’ team begin clearing the corridors. On the way down, Anos tells Misha that she can use any one of the objects in the lowest level for herself and as a birthday gift for Sasha. Anos then asks when Misha’s birthday is and Misha replies that it is tomorrow, the same as Sasha. Misha further adds that she doesn’t want anything for herself. Reaching a dead end, Anos opens up a secret passageway and leads the group to a huge  garden area with artificial sunlight. Sasha asks if the area is used as a magical catalyst for natural magic circles and Anos confirms her theory. Though Anos privately thinks to himself that the room seems different from 2000 years ago.

Eventually reaching a huge door, Anos uses his brute strength to push it open; revealing a treasure room. As Sasha is awing at the staff, Anos guides Misha through a secret panel to a hidden treasure room. Looking through the treasures, Misha settles on the Phoenix Robe as Sasha’s birthday gift. Grabbing the robe, Misha notices a ring and Anos explains that it is the Lily-pad Ice ring which allows one to control ice.  Anos offers it Misha as a gift. But Misha kindly refuses and says that she is good. 

Leaving the room, Misha gives Sasha the robe. Thanking her, Sasha shoos Anos out of the room to try it on.  A few minutes later, Anos leaves the hidden room and discovers that Misha has been stabbed. Noticing the blood on Sasha’s robe, Anos confronts Sasha and asks if she is the one who did it. Sasha evilly confirms that she did it to take first place in the exam. Smirking, Anos calls Sasha out on her lies and argues that if she really wanted to kill Misha, she would have done it already instead of leaving her alive. Angry, Sasha dissolves their contract and yells at Misha claiming that she has always hated her.

Upset, Anos confronts Sasha on her lies again. However, Sasha threatens to further push the blade into Misha’s chest more with magic, if he so much tries to touch her. Sasha then tries to escape. To Sasha’s surprise, though, Anos grabs onto her hand and tells Sasha that he has already healed Misha. He further reveals that the bloodied Misha she saw was an illusion and that he knew what she was planning from the start. Anos also reveals that he knows that she was lying about her feelings towards Misha because her eyes didn’t flare up.

Furious, Sasha tries to activate her eyes again. But Anos counters with his own demonic eyes, petrifying her. Suddenly, Misha tells Anos to stop and let Sasha go. Anos replies that he is fine with that, but wants to get the truth out of her first. Pleading, Misha watches as Anos lets Sasha go. Angry, Sasha yells at Misha before flying away. Confronting Misha, Anos asks her to tell him the truth and Misha reveals that she will disappear at midnight on her fifteenth birthday.


So this was a pretty nice episode. The first half really had me on edge with Anos’ basically attacking Ivis during class. You would think that he would learn to tone down his brash actions or at least stop scaring his teacher and classmates. But at least, we got more background on Avos Dilhevia. We now know that somebody has tampered with the past to make it so Anos Voldigoad never existed and replaced him with Avos. Furthermore, this person has also tampered with the memories of the Seven Elder Demon Emperors, leaving Anos with no way to prove his claims.
So who is the person and who could have so much power to tamper with the past? Well, we don’t really know at the moment. However, we do have a couple of suspects.I also don’t believe Sasha when she says she hates her sister, because you can tell she is a terrible liar just from her actions. The reveal of Sasha stabbing Misha was a bit anti-climatic and predictable to say the least. I honestly would have found the scene more appealing if Ivis had messed with Sasha’s personality and made it so that she had a Jekyll and Hyde complex or something similar.
But overall, this was a pretty good episode. The ending theme song and animation was nice and the animation was fairly consistent. I happily look forward to the next episode!

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