The Misfit of Demon King Academy #02 – The Witch of Destruction

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I am pleased to present to you the episode review for The Misfit of Demon King Academy: Episode 2 – The Witch of Destruction!

Episode Recap

So Episode 2 begins with a flashback to 2000 years ago. Demon King Anos is in his throne room greeting Hero Kanon and his party. Sick of the endless fighting, Anos makes a proposal to Kanon to create a barrier that will separate the four races into separate realms in the hopes of snuffing out war. Confused, Kanon asks if Anos really thinks that he will go along with this plan. But Anos further explains that if he succeeds then the realms will be unable to open a door to each other for at least 1000 years. He also promises that he will reincarnate 2000 years later. Understanding Anos’ reasons, Kanon thanks Anos and slays him as he casts his spell. The two then promise to become friends the next time they meet. 2000 years later, Anos is reborn as Gusta’s and Izabella’s newborn baby. Hugging their child, Anos startles his new parents by saying his name.
Back in the present, Anos continues his conversation with Misha from Episode 1 and asks why he is being labelled a ‘Misfit.’ Misha explains that only descendants of the founder can attend the academy and that no one has been called unfit to be Demon Lord until now. Confused, Anos asks what the founding ancestor’s name is and Misha telepathically explains that the founder is called, “Avos Dilhevia.” Understanding the situation, Anos asks Misha what Avos was like and Misha explains that Avos was both cruel and kind and always prioritized his people over himself. Anos scoffs that he sounds too good to be true. Misha goes to  continues her explanation about how the academy measures one’s aptitude to be demon king. But before Misha can say who is the closest candidate to becoming the demon king is, a blonde-haired girl walks behind them; causing Misha to fall silent.
The homeroom teacher then arrives and class starts. During class, the teacher Emilia Rudwell (CV: Ami Koshimizu), introduces herself and explains the rules of the team tournament exam next week. Asking for volunteer team leaders, the teacher sees Anos, the blonde-haired girl and a couple other students put up their hands. Noticing the color of Anos’ coat, Emilia states that Anos cannot be a captain because he is a white coat. Meaning that he is of hybrid descent.  In response, Anos makes a private bet with Emilia that if beats one of the red-uniformed students (Nobles) teams, it will prove that hybrids are in no way inferior to pure-bloods. Emilia agrees on the condition that Anos will drop out if he loses. The two of them then sign a magical contract to seal the deal.
During leader introductions, the blonde-haired girl introduces herself as Sasha Necron (CV: Yūko Natsuyoshi). Noticing that she has the same last name as Misha, Anos inquires Misha about her. Misha explains that Sasha is her older sister and that while they have the same parents, her family decided to enroll her as a hybrid. After introductions are over, the class breaks into teams with Anos teaming up with Misha. Suddenly, Sasha comes up to the pair and starts insulting Misha. Calling her a defective doll, Sasha explains to Anos that Misha is a doll created by magic and asks Anos to join her team. Anos, however, refuses and argues that the circumstances of Misha’s birth doesn’t matter to him and insults Sasha’s lack of knowledge about magic. Furious, Sasha tries to use her ‘Eyes of Destruction’ on Anos. However, Anos counters with his own demonic eyes, causing Sasha to walk away in fright.
Later after school, Anos and Misha are approached by Sasha again. Asking if she wants to join his team, Anos is instead challenged by Sasha to duel in the team tournament. Using her magic eyes, Sasha explains that the winner will obey the loser and Anos agrees to the terms. A week later, Anos and Sasha’s face off against each other.
Before the match, Anos makes Sasha and Misha sign a pact agreeing to the terms of the bet.

The match then gets underway with Anos attacking Sasha’s fortress by himself. After some boasting, Anos easily picks up and throws Sasha’s huge fortress to the ground. Rallying her teammates, Sasha tries to fire a last-ditch assault on Anos. However he easily destroys the massive magical blast with a low-level Grega spell. Collapsing on the ground, Sasha vows revenge on Anos and insists that Anos kills her. However, Anos refuses arguing that Misha wants to be on the same team as her.  Sighing, Sasha gets up and surrenders. Sasha agrees to be his new teammate, if only for her sister’s sake. However, Anos rebuts that he doesn’t want Sasha just because of her sister and compliments her beautiful eyes. Making Sasha blush.

After the tournament, Anos invites the two sisters over to his house for dinner. After a lively dinner, Sasha and Misha go outside and wait for Anos. While they are alone, Sasha asks Misha if she likes Anos and Misha replies that she does. Anos then appears with a basket of goodies for the girls and walks them home. After saying their goodbyes, Anos is stopped by Sasha who thanks Anos for helping her make up with her sister. Sasha then asks how Anos would tackle an unavoidable fate and Anos replies that he would confront head it on and change it. Smiling, Sasha kisses Anos and watches him leave.


So this episode was an very action-packed episode. There was lots of great action sequences and we got the introduction of Misha’s rival in love, her own older sister, Sasha. I am definitely liking Misha more than her sister, Sasha.  However, Sasha is also likeable in her own tsundere ways too. Sasha is also voiced by Yūko Natsuyoshi who is relatively new to the voice acting scene. She has played a couple of leading roles as Himeka Mashima in Show by Rock and Yamada in Gal & Dino. Furthermore, I also like the way the sisters support each other and
have a strong sibling bond, despite what Sasha says about Misha being a
Additionally, we also get to an in- depth look into the events of 2000 years ago and how Anos first died. Hero Kanon’s design certainly reminds of Ray Starling from Infinite Dendrogram. Even though they are voiced by different voice actors. I haven’t read the light novels, but I think Kanon will probably play a deeper role in future episodes and perhaps even have a role in the mysteries surrounding Avos Dilhevia.   
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