First Impressions – Fight League: Gear Gadget Generators

Fight League: Gear Gadget Generators (ファイトリーグ ギア・ガジェット・ジェネレーターズ)
Animation Studio: Bandai Namco Pictures / XFlag Premiere Date: February 14th, 2019
No. of Episodes: Unknown Airing Time: Thursdays at 20:00 pm (JST)
Genre: Mecha, Action, Sci-Fi Airing Channel: Youtube
Information Links: AniDB, ANN Encyclopedia, MyAnimeList, Wikipedia, Fight League: Gear Gadget Generators Official Site, Fight League: Gear Gadget Generators Youtube Page

Set in a alternative future where fighters and mechs battle across six different “Brands,” Fight League: Gear Gadget Generators tells the story of Torque Twister G-Wrench (Megumi Han (Benio Adashino (Twin Star Exorcists)), a passionate, tomboyish female fighter who along with her team, Team Boltechs are hoping to win the Gear Gadget Generators cup or GGG cup for short. One day after losing a match to Team Venomymous to qualify to enter the Fight League tournament, Torque decides to insert a special computer chip which her grandfather had hidden away into her gigantic wrench weapon, causing it to glow with a mysterious light. The next day, Torque and her team re-challenges Team Venomymous to another match and during the match, a mysterious girl named Mona Chrome (Ai Kayano (Mikono Suzushiro (Aquarion EVOL); Juliet Persia (Boarding School Juliet)) appears from Torque’s wrench. The story then continues with them trying to win the GGG cup.

Being the first episode, I was pleasantly surprised by how enjoyable the series was from the very get go. Despite each episode being only roughly 10 to 15 minutes long, the first episode was filled with enough intense action-packed sequences that it allowed viewers like myself to be able to get pulled into the show’s world within the span of the first couple of minutes, so there wasn’t much need for heavy exposition on the staff’s part. What’s good about this setup is that each episode will be very plot-driven rather than mostly filler, which helps to entertain their target audience of 13 – 16 year old teens and won’t make the show too boring. However, the downside to this was that most of the side characters got maybe one or two speaking lines at best. So viewers did not get to learn a lot about them. On the other hand, they did get a good feel for the rival team’s personalities, so hopefully this will change as the series continues.

Additionally, since Fight League: Gear Gadget Generators was based on a turn-based fighting mobile game, I was honestly very worried about how this show would go down with its target teen audience. But since the plot and the mecha aspects comes off with such an amazingly similar aesthetic feel to Gundam Build Divers, it absolutely blew my worries away. Furthermore, the staff even included a funny little parody reference to Gundam with an in-verse mecha show called “Mobile Armor Gunbar” which had a parody character of Domon Kasshu in it.  Besides that, there wasn’t very much comedy in the show so far besides Torque’s actions, but it is just the first episode so I’m sure that there will be more of it.

Torque herself is also a rather interesting protagonist. While she is cool, brave, cheerful and strong, she can also occasionally be hot-blooded, has a pension for not listening and can be quite air-headed and ditzy. Though she is definitely not one of those annoying protagonists. On the other hand, Mona Chrome has so far been presented as very elegant and mysterious. However, since she only physically appeared at the end of the first episode, so we haven’t seen a lot of her personality yet. Then there is Torque’s grandfather who despite having the design of a stereotypical buff mechanic. clearly has a lot of mystery to him. It is very clear from the get-go that Torque’s grandfather is hiding something in his past, especially with his connection to Mona Chrome and that he probably had a good reason for hiding the special chip with Mona Chrome in it. On the rival side, Team Venomymous are clearly presented as being the rival antagonists of the series in their cool, purple punk rock outfits. PH-1 has the coolest design, but I like Iris’ design better. There are also a lot of handsome and sexy rivals waiting to appear in this show, so please check it out.

Animation-wise, the animation was pretty good in terms of character designs and location shots. The colors were very colorful without being too garish and it had excellent color tones and hues. One of the best aspects of this show is the futuristic armor and weapon designs, with Torque’s gigantic wrench being one of them. The series additionally has a nice balance between the 2D normal animation and 3D battle sequence aspects. Though the CG animation during the battle sequences was incredibly noticeable, but it was still not very jarring so it came across as being tolerable and not very irritating.

With GGG’s music, techno lovers will definitely love the songs in this show. The background music is very lively with the techno music tracks making the fights very fun and exhilarating. On the down side, however, there wasn’t much of a noticeable variation in the music other than that. Alternatively, the opening and ending theme songs, “Winners feat. Reol and Giga” and “N.U.L.L. feat. kradness (GGG ver)” are a lot better in terms of sheer pure entertainment. Despite both being techno songs, “Winners feat. Reol and Giga” has a very cool, funky yet sexy beat, full of high-pumped techno action, while “N.U.L.L. feat. kradness (Ver.GGG)” is very bittersweet and blues~y. Either way, anime fans will simply adore and fall in love with the ambient techno melodies of both songs.

Okay, so to sum up this article, is this show enjoyable? Yes, it is and if you are a fan of Megaman or Gundam Build Divers then Fight League: Gear Gadget Generators is definitely a show worth checking out for you; if only to check out the pumping songs.

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