Ulysses – Jeanne d’Arc and the Alchemist Knight #3 – To the Scheming Palace Review

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Today, we are covering Ulysses – Jeanne d’Arc and the Alchemist Knight episode 3, which is the reintroduction of Princess Charlotte and Richemont!

Warning: Sexual Violence

Episode Recap

So the episode starts off with another narration explaining about Princess Charlotte and what has happened to her during Montmorency’s seven year absence. During the seven years, Charlotte has basically lost most of her family members to either war or sickness and has had to ascend the throne as the next Queen of France. However, due to the many tragedies in her life, Charlotte has fallen into despair and has locked herself away due to it. The next scene then shows Charlotte on her bed, calling out Montmorency’s name. Back in Domrémy, Montmorency, Jeanne and the others are discussing their next move and Montmorency suggests making Jeanne a real saint.

Some time later, Montmorency and the others are shown advertising Jeanne as “the saint who will save France” to a bunch of civilians in another town. As Jeanne watches the peoples’ reactions, she recalls how Montmorency (in a flashback) explains that his reasoning for calling Jeanne “a Saint” is because everyone in France is currently thinking that the only one who can save France is someone blessed with God’s miracles. Back in the present, Montmorency is telling the people that God hasn’t abandoned them and proclaims to the people that the Archangel Michael has been sent to their world and has chosen a saint to help them fight.

Back in the flashback, Jeanne is telling Montmorency that no-one will believe that story and Montmorency replies that people tend to believe what they want to believe and right now, they want a saint to save them. Montmorency also suggests that using a peasant girl who can relate to the people will also make the people happy too. Switching back to the present, Montmorency has finished his speech and presents the scared Jeanne to the crowd as their savior. Signalling to Astaroth, Montmorency then has Astaroth come out and proclaim that Jeanne is a saint chosen by God who has been ordered to end the war, while pretending to be an angel. Naturally, the people first believe Astaroth to be a fairy, but then La Hire shouts from behind that Astaroth is an angel and the people soon believe the lie, making Montmorency overjoyed.

Later that evening, Montmorency and the others are heading to the next town on carriage and horseback, with Jeanne riding in the back of the carriage. Heaving, Jeanne becomes feverish due to the Philosopher Stone’s effects. That night, as most of the members of their small army gather around the fireplace, Astaroth contemplates on their strategy and confidently comments that Montmorency’s plan will at least help keep the inquisitors off of their backs for a little while, before sarcastically commenting that Montmorency has more talent as an con artist than an alchemist. Montmorency teasingly replies back that its thanks to the help of a certain “angel” which causes Astaroth to lash back that she is a Fairy Queen whose existence is far greater than an angel’s. Montmorency then teases Astaroth about her size and pats Astaroth on her head. As the pair continue their banter, La Hire starts silently gushing at Astaroth’s cuteness.

Shouting that Montmorency should be grateful to her that she still keeps him around despite not being a Ulysses, Astaroth starts cutely pouting, causing La Hire to gush more at her. Noticing La Hire’s reaction, Montmorency sarcastically states that La Hire’s addiction to little girls should be considered a “legitimate disorder” and that she should probably go see a doctor about it, making La Hire scowl at him. Insulted,
Xaintrailles informs Montmorency about La Hire’s past, where La Hire was once a sweet young girl named Étienne who lost everyone she ever loved when her hometown was burned to the ground one day. Xaintrailles continues that this was all before she was tainted, though, which causes La Hire to punch him in the jaw and almost strangle him for the insult.

Working up her nerve, a flushed Jeanne shyly calls out to Montmorency for a request. Smiling, Montmorency replies that he is her older brother now, so she can request whatever she wants from him. Jeanne asks if he is really sure about it and Montmorency replies that he is sure, which prompts Jeanne to happily request for a baiser (kiss) from him. Meanwhile, far off in the distance, a bunch of knights disguised in bear and wolf fur skins is watching the group. Noticing that their guard is down, the knight orders his men to attack Montmorency and the others.

Back at the camp, Jeanne is getting hot and bothered as she informs Montmorency about how she has been feeling hot ever since they left the village and that her throat is all dry now, so she wants some elixir otherwise she won’t be able to restrain herself for much longer. Blushing, La Hire gawks at Jeanne as an embarrassed Astaroth explains that Jeanne’s condition is probably a result of the Philosopher’s Stone being broken in half and speculates that Jeanne probably needs a kiss each time she activates Ulysses mode because normally elixir replenishment is only needed once every few or dozen years or so. Meanwhile, Jeanne is slowly making her way to Montmorency as Astaroth gives her lecture.

Panicking, Montmorency tries to get Jeanne to stop, as La Hire angrily calls him names such as Lecher while beating up Xaintrailles. However, before Jeanne can get a kiss, an arrow gets fired onto the tree next to Montemorency’s neck. Raising their guard, La Hire and Xaintrailles notices some archers on horseback coming towards them and prepare to fight them off with their army. Getting onto a horse, Xaintrailles yells at a still stuck Montmorency to protect Jeanne while they fend the soldiers off. Irritated, Montmorency tries to pull the arrow out of his cloak and mutters that it was only a matter of time before the Burgundy troops would try to attack them, considering how they have been preaching everywhere.

Meanwhile, Jeanne who is getting more hot and bothered, finally gets fed up  and leaps onto Montmorency forcing a deep french kiss onto his lips to get more elixir. Fully satisfied, Jeanne pulls herself off of Montmorency and starts Ulysses mode, declaring that she will hold those troops off. Worried, Montmorency reminds Jeanne that she can only stay as Ulysses for three minutes and that she shouldn’t forget it, as Jeanne runs off. Later after the battle, the leader of the squad surveys the damage to his knocked out men and reiterates what he had learned about Ulysses’ mode weakness and of Jeanne’s own weakness – her unwillingness to take a life. 

The next day, in Chinon, Montmorency and Jeanne go to see Charlotte at the palace. At the gates of the palace, Montmorency presents a letter with his name on it to the guards, who then gives it to the mysterious Count La Tremoille (Atsushi Abe) who is in his lab fixing his fairy collection. Asking who the sender is, La Tremoille becomes infuriated by Montmorency’s name and declares that he will keep the letter. Meanwhile, in a nearby inn, La Hire is treating her men to food and drink as they wait for word from Montmorency. Worried, La Hire goes out onto the deck and recalls Montmorency’s next plan which is to have Charlotte to confer knighthood upon Jeanne to boost the morale of both the peasants and the soldiers and to possibly end the war as well. Suddenly, La Hire is approached by Xaintrailles who offers his opinion on Montmorency’s wild ideas and La Hire remarks her shock at finding out that Montmorency was acquainted with Queen Charlotte and wonders who he is.

At the same time, Montmorency and Jeanne is being escorted to the main audience chamber by one of the servants. Noticing Montmorency’s weird expression, Jeanne becomes concerned and calls out to him.  Seeing Jeanne’s concern, Montmorency apologizes and replies that he’s just being nostalgic and slightly worried because he hasn’t seen Charlotte in ages. Jeanne reassures Montmorency that Charlotte will understand once he explains his reasons for being away for so long, as the two of them are friends after all. Thanking Jeanne, Montmorency listens to Jeanne as she expresses her concerns and anxiety about meeting Charlotte, when he is suddenly kidnapped. Noticing that Montmorency is gone, Jeanne asks the guard about his whereabouts. However, the guard just insists that Jeanne follow him for the time being, so Jeanne complies. From behind a secret door, Montmorency is being restrained by some guards as they throw him down a shaft leading to a dungeon cell with Arthur de Richemont in it. Rubbing his head in pain, Montmorency notices Arthur calling him.

In the main audience chamber, Jeanne is lead into a masquerade ball with nobles wearing masks in it. Suddenly, the door closes behind Jeanne, so Jeanne proceeds through the hall where a masked Tremoille and a fake Princess doppelganger is waiting for her. From up on top of the balcony, Princess Charlotte watches in boredom as Jeanne approaches the throne and thinks to herself about how boring the same scene is getting with all of the “self-proclaimed” saviors appearing only to fail her test. Removing her mask, Charlotte asserts that no one will save her or France. Down on the floor, Jeanne is introducing herself to the body double when she suddenly asks why someone other than the princess is on the throne, surprising everyone.  As everyone gets excited that Jeanne got it right, Jeanne looks around and finally spots Charlotte on the balcony with a unnoticeable Astaroth behind her. Pleading with Charlotte to make her a knight, Charlotte asks for Jeanne to be brought to her chamber as Tremoille leaves the room.

Back inside the cell, Montmorency is greeting Arthur and reports that he had heard the rumors about Arthur escaping the English Army on her own and becoming a general under Charlotte. A sad Arthur asks Montmorency what he is doing here and informs him that she was thrown in prison because she had falsely accused for fake crimes because she had infuriated a few of the corrupted nobles which she had been vigilantly investigating.  Hearing that claim, Montmorency starts teasing Arthur about the past, but Arthur just asks why he never came to save her and relays in flashback about what happened to her after the Battle of Azincourt.

In the flashback, Arthur explains how she bravely fought Henry, but lost the battle and ended up having to serve Henry as one of his knights. Arthur declares that she did it to be the conciliator for both countries and for France’s future, but then Henry V died from illness and her plan fell through when his brother, John of Lancaster took over the throne.  Returning to France, Arthur meets with John hoping to negotiate peace between their countries, but John refuses claiming that his brother’s last wishes was for France to become England’s property and that he didn’t want peace negotiations, just the French royal family’s deaths. Arthur tries to rebut, but then John suggests that Arthur becomes his wife. Arthur naturally refuses, but then John blocks Arthur from leaving the room and starts groping her while saying that he wants to conquer her and make her his Queen and has been lusting after her since Azincourt. Pissed off, Arthur beats John up and escapes from his palace while being chased by his guards. Back in the present, Arthur finishes her story by talking about how she fled the English army.  Sympathizing with her, Montmorency extends his hand t to Arthur, only for it to be smacked away.  Getting furious, Arthur tells Montmorency about how she waited for him to save her, but he never came and demands to know why. 

Meanwhile, in another part of the palace, Astaroth fakes a scream to lure a guard into opening the door for La Tremoille’s office for her and allow her to sneak into the place. Looking around, the guard finds no one there, so he leaves the room. Leaving her hiding spot, Astaroth becomes disgusted by the numerous number of fairy specimens which La Tremoille has acquired and realizes that something is up. However, before Astaroth can begin to find Montmorency, she gets caught from behind by La Tremoille.

At the same time in Charlotte’s private chambers, Jeanne is having a conversation with Charlotte. Charlotte asks Jeanne how she knew that the one on the throne was a body double and Jeanne replies that its because Montmorency told her that the real Charlotte’s bust is even bigger’s than La Hire’s. Hearing Montmorency’s name, Charlotte hastily asks if Jeanne knows him and a confused Jeanne replies that they sent a letter to the princess asking for permission to enter and that she gave her permission to enter. Charlotte worriedly declares that she didn’t get a letter and asks where Montmorency is. Jeanne informs her that Montmorency suddenly disappeared on her, so she doesn’t know where he is. Hearing Jeanne’s explanation, Princess Charlotte assumes that Montmorency ran away out of shame and has probably forgotten about their promise. But, Jeanne reassures her that is not the case.

In the cell, Montmorency informs Arthur that he is a piece of trash because he never knew that studying alchemy would consume so much of his sense of time and before he had knew it, seven years had passed. Montmorency continues that after he regained his time, his workshop was busted into by the Inquisitors and that they chased him all around France so he was forced to go into hiding. Montmorency then reassures Arthur that it wasn’t because he was afraid to die, but to keep their oath. As he says this, Montmorency recalls their oath and replies that he kept running to keep their oath and put an end to the war and that’s why he came to the castle today.

Back in Charlotte’s room, Jeanne is relaying the same story and asks Charlotte to have faith in Montmorency. Understanding, Charlotte tells her that she understands, but at the same time she can’t forgive Montmorency for it because she was so sad, lonely and scared all this time and thinks that he will abandon her like her own mother did. As Jeanne goes to comfort Charlotte, however, the two of them are suddenly attacked by a masked knight who strikes at Jeanne with his sword. Activating Ulysses mode, Jeanne dodges the blow, but her shoulder becomes disabled as a result. As some of the blood splatters onto Charlotte, she screams as the assailant speaks with Jeanne. Jeanne arrogantly demands that he identify himself and cries that just because he broke her arm, he shouldn’t think that he’s won this fight.  The mysterious knight identifies himself as Maugris, but as he smashes the bed admits that it is just his nickname because he threw his real one away when he became an assassin.

Picking up Charlotte into her arms, Jeanne dodges the blows again and again as the knight calls Jeanne a monster. Seeing Jeanne having trouble, Maugris asks if this is the first time fighting in a locked room and Jeanne replies by kicking his hammer into him and knocking the lights out, all the while insulting him for striking her with his armor on. Moving Charlotte to safety, Jeanne mocks her fallen opponent and twists her opponent’s neck till it snaps with his helmet. Regaining her senses, Charlotte opens her eyes to see Jeanne collapse as the leader of the knights appears and greets her. In the cell, Montmorency and Arthur are working on a plan to escape when La Tremoille comes over to their cell and greets them. Understanding the situation, Montmorency confronts his cousin. Back in the bedroom, the knight explains his plan for capturing Jeanne and tells Charlotte to stay quiet for his real aim is Jeanne. He then tells Charlotte about how he is going to rip the Philosopher Stone from Jeanne’s body.

The episode ends with an older Phillipe heading to the palace to have a meeting with the Princess.


So this episode was really exciting and kind of alright. It was mostly a exposition episode explaining what happened to both Princess Charlotte and Arthur de Richemont during Montmorency’s seven year absence. The characterizations for both of these characters are pretty intriguing. Its pretty obvious that Princess Charlotte is still mourning her brother’s loss, but she’s not exactly resigning herself to fate yet and that Arthur has suffered pretty greatly from her experiences with the English and the backstabbing by the French nobles. You have to sympathize with their situations as I would not be handle ruling a country after losing my family or the ruling responsibility at all.

However, the most interesting character so far is our new villain, the Count La Tremoille who is Montmorency’s cousin. It’s pretty despicable what he is doing by quietly usurping the throne while Charlotte is depressed, but I don’t think anyone can blame him for signing up with the English considering the circumstances as no one believes that the war can be won. There is also some bad blood between him and Montmorency, even though I find them to be similar in their love for the occult, but I find La Tremoille’s fairy collection to be disgusting in a moral sense.

The comedy in this episode with Jeanne’s uncontrollable urges, La Hire’s gushing at Astaroth and Jeanne and Jeanne finding out Princess Charlotte’s identity via her bust size were also incredibly funny and the fact that it does not match up to our history at all makes it even funnier. Just some Jeanne facts, but historically-wise, Jeanne apparently discovered out Charles’ identity because he was the only one wearing purple which is the color of royalty.

The ending animation this time was also vastly different, but still of excellent quality. It depicted candles and two dark figures next to what I think is Astaroth. I don’t know, but its very vague so it may be foreshadowing in a sense. But judging from it, they are probably going to change the ending animation every episode as maybe a biography of Jeanne d’Arc’s journey, which is kind of interesting. So overall, this was a pretty good episode and the next episode is even more exciting, so stay tuned!

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