Boarding School Juliet Episode 2 – Rosary and Juliet Review!

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Sorry for posting so late, internet issues. So we are now entering Episode 2 of Boarding School Juliet. Today’s tale is a funny story that doth tells of Romio’s and Juliet’s first date and of a daring new rival in the works. So, let’s get on with the recap!

Episode Recap

The episode begins once again with a battle about to break out between the White Cats and Black Doggies’ dorms. As the two sides stare each other down and their vice-commanders (Scott and Hasuki) exchange smack talk, Romio is acting giddy as a lamb at the thought of seeing Juliet. Weirded out by his behavior, Hasuki snaps Romio out of it, however, he snaps right back into love struck mode as the two sides begin their epic struggle.

In the middle of their fight, Romio absconds with Juliet while Hasuki launches a massive karate kick in Scott’s face and slams to the ground. Getting back up, Scott and Hasuki notice that Romio and Juliet are gone. Meanwhile, Romio is pulling Juliet by her rider’s crop stick down one of the tree-lined paths. Finally fed up with Romio for his lack of self-control, Juliet pulls herself away from him and yells at him asking what he is planning. Surprised, Romio replies that he doesn’t have a plan and only wants to spend time getting to know Juliet. Humorously, Juliet launches into a flurry of her basic stats (e.g. Birth Date, Blood Type etc.) which Romio records into his notebook before screaming that this the kind of stuff that he wants to know and that he just wanted to be alone with her.

Fed up, Juliet decides to leave, leaving bold Romio to wonder if couples are always this cold to one another while fantasizing his own idealized version of how they should be acting (e.g acting lovey dovey with cute pet names). Not wanting things to be this way, Romio yells at Juliet to wait, grabs her hand, and boldly declares that he wants to be with her no matter the reason for it. As Romio tries to confess his love (with ‘Aishiteiru’), Hasuki shows up and ruins the moment, causing Romio to pretend that he is squeezing Juliet’s head with his “Iron Claw.” Looking at Hasuki, Romio asks what she is doing here and Hasuki replies that she thought that he needed back-up. Romio replies that its fine and he can handle it on his own. Suddenly, Juliet who is in pain screams out that he’s hurting her and roundhouse kicks Romio right in the chin and knocks him to the ground. Struggling to reach for Juliet, Romio is emotionally hurt as Juliet coldly walks away from him and faints.  Seeing this display, Hasuki cries out that their leader has been beaten.

Later that day, Juliet is changing in the gym locker rooms, chatting with the other girls who are praising her for her defeat of Romio. However, Juliet is not pleased. As the other girls head out first, she stares at a filled flower vase and recalls how her father treated her coldly when she was a child. Recalling Romio’s earlier declaration, Juliet goes to put on her shirt when she is surprised to find Romio calling and peeping at her through the window and quietly screams. Yelling what he is doing out there when there’s no balcony, Romio replies that he climbed up. Juliet screams that this isn’t what she meant and starts labeling Romio as a perverted peeping tom.

Flustered, Romio apologizes for peeping and replies that he has something to say to her. Romio then informs Juliet that he has done research on couples and recalls how he asked two elementary white cat girls about how he could help her as a lover. One of the little girls suggests giving a rosary as a present to Juliet and the other girl explains that its proof of being lovers. Grasping a rosary in his hand, Romio expresses that he wants Juliet to accept his gift as proof of his love. As Romio goes to give the rosary to her, however, vice-commander two ruins the moment from the window next to him. Replying that he could ask him the same thing, Romio calls Scott a liar about being on guard duty. Making irrational accusations about Romio, Scott forces Romio to make up excuses as the two start bickering again. As Juliet goes to close the curtain, Scott leaps onto Romio and starts attacking him, causing the two of them to smash into the bushes near the pavement and knocking the two out with Juliet trying but failing to grab Romio from the window.

A little while later, Romio wakes up to find himself back at the Black Doggy dorms and lying in Hasuki’s lap. Asking what he is doing here, Romio listens as Hasuki explains that he was brought back here after he was knocked out and that everyone was saying that he had been thrown off of the roof by Juliet. As Romio tries to tell Hasuki the truth, Hasuki then explains that it’s okay though, because the rest of the dorm went to get their revenge on Juliet. Shocked by the news, Romio gets up to chase after them, but Hasuki holds him back. Slightly embarrassed, Hasuki turns her head and promises Romio that if he stays quiet then she’ll nurse him back to health everyday.

But, as Hasuki turns to face Romio, she is surprised to find Yotaro (which is the dorm’s dog) in her arms instead. Meanwhile, Romio is running around looking for Juliet when he finds her walking toward the school. As Romio calls out to her, Juliet spots him and smiles but then suddenly starts running away from him. Chasing after her, Romio wonders why Juliet is running away from and turns around to see all of his dorms members chasing after the pair. Stopping, Romio tries to calm down his comrade, but then suddenly gets attacked with a sword by Scott and about 12 or so White Cat students. Demanding the black doggies to tell them the meaning of this, the black doggies retaliates with some slander of their own and another fight breaks out. Utterly depressed, Romio wonders if their relationship will really work under these circumstances, but remembering his vow with Juliet to become strong enough to change the world while staring at the rosary in his hand, Romio decides not to give up.

However, before he can make a move, Romio is assaulted on all sides by Scott and two other White Cat members who accidentally cause Romio to crush the rosary in his hand. Looking down at the crushed rosary, Romio goes ballistic and starts whacking everyone with a giant statue of the principal regardless of friend or foe (yep, he lifts the statue with his bare hands – like Hercules!). Hours later, Romio is pulling weeds as punishment for breaking the statue. Completely fed up, Romio pulls out the broken rosary and stares at it before deciding to toss it away into the river. Just as he is about to though Juliet appears and scolds him about throwing stuff into the river. Seeing Juliet, Romio apologizes for breaking the gift that he wanted to give her, shoving the rosary into his pocket. Forlorn, Juliet looks around and spots a boat which she asks Romio to steer for her. Romio accepts and the two take a boat ride underneath a romantic starry night.

Riding along the river, our couple begin chatting about little stuff. While Romio is distracted, Juliet suddenly pulls out rosary and asks if this is what he wanted to give to her. Romio replies that it was but insists that she can get rid of it and he’ll get a better one the next time he is in town. Pondering a little, Juliet asks Romio to close his eyes and as he complies, places her own rosary around his neck. Opening his eyes, Romio turns beets red as he notices Juliet’s closeness to his own body and spots the rosary as Juliet pulls away from him. Caressing the rosary a little, Romio asks about it and Juliet admits that its hers which causes him to freak out a little. Juliet then tells Romio that the rosaries are normally used for morning prayers but can also be a gift for the one you love as a good luck charm and that this rosary was a gift from her mother for getting into the academy, so it’s very precious to her and asks that he takes care of it.

Upon hearing that, Romio insists that she keep the rosary because “Something so precious should be used for your own benefit” and the thought is enough for him. An upset Juliet gets angry and grabbing the oars, insists they head home now. However, as she starts rowing, Romio stands up trying to stop her and falls into the river. Swimming up, Romio starts drowning while begging Juliet to help him. Juliet teasingly tells Romio to cool his head for a bit and sticks her tongue out at him. A confused Romio starts crying out asking why Juliet is so angry and begs her to wait as Juliet quietly sulks to herself about how dense Romio can be because her giving him her precious rosary has meaning; because its precious to her. Juliet then rows away with a screaming Romio calling out for her.

A couple days later, Romio is waiting at the front entrance of the school with all of the other students who are getting excited about going to visit the town. As Romio looks around, Hasuki comes running up to him shouting “Let’s hit the town together” and that she wants to go to Dahlia Park with him. But, Romio instead apologizes and says that he has other plans. Panicking, Hasuki asks about who has plans with when suddenly a short brown-haired boy appears and calls out to Romio. Looking at the cute boy, Hasuki and Romio freak out for different reasons with Hasuki asking who the “cutie” is. Regaining his composure, Romio returns the favour and suggests that they go now after telling Hasuki that he has plans with the boy. Freaking out in her mind, Hasuki misunderstands the situation and faints after thinking that Romio bats for the same team (if you catch my drift). The other black doggy students see this and decide to take Hasuki to the Infirmary. From a distance, Romio and the boy are watching this scene, causing Romio to admit that the boy really fooled Hasuki.

Speaking in Juliet’s voice, the boy reveals himself as Juliet in disguise who laments that they have now caused a different misunderstanding. The scene then flashes back to yesterday when Romio is inviting Juliet out for a date in town during a secret rendezvous in the private confessional chamber of the school’s church. Juliet immediately rejects the idea and states it is impossible because they have to hide out just to have a conversation. Not giving up, Romio presents Juliet with a disguise in a weird tone and suggests that they can go out on a real date with this. Instead of replying, Juliet stares at him in disbelief as Romio explains that they were originally his hand-me downs from when he was younger and asks her what she thinks. Juliet completely blanks out which causes Romio to blurt out that Juliet say something. Juliet asks Romio, “Art thou a fool?” and replies that it will be all over if anyone finds out about this. Crying, Romio declares that he doesn’t want that, but is hurt that they can’t even go out on one date without having to hide their relationship. Seeing his hurt face, Juliet reconsiders the idea and once again refuses, but later gives in.

Back in the present, Juliet who is walking and scratching her wig asks Romio if this is really gonna fool people. Suddenly, who should appear, but Scott who comes running up to the pair screaming out Juliet’s name. The couple freaks out thinking that they have been busted, but Scott sniffs around and dismisses the pair as a pair of Black Dogs and continues on searching for Juliet. As soon as Scott leaves, Romio grasps his chest and remarks that that was close while Juliet wonders if she smells.  Mentally revving himself up, Romio pulls out his notebook with lots of coloured tabs, however, is soon called out by some of his peers who asks who the kid beside him is. As Juliet runs behind him, Romio death glares the three boys and remarks that the boy is his cousin ‘Julio’ from the middle school division. One of the boys remarks that it’s a weird name and another feels like he has seen him before. Utilising some quick thinking,  Juliet manages to trick the boys with the ‘pure, innocent kid act.’ However, this act leads to further complications as a huge crowd of Black Doggy students come and gawk at Julio/Juliet. Gazing at the huge group, Romio squeezes his notebook and remarks that his plan is ruined.

Later on in Dahlia Town, Juliet explains that the town was created to foster friendship between the East and the West and starts expressing her hope that it may come true someday. However, Romio interrupts and tells the huge mob behind them to back off. But the mob insists on staying and suggests that Romio shouldn’t hog Julio/Juliet all to himself. Striking a fighting pose, Romio insists that they have to defeat him first and he gets easily beat up by some Black Dog boys. Staring at the boys, one of the girls suggests that Romio seems excited today and another girl replies that it may be the first time she has seen him like this. Drawing Juliet’s attention, Juliet (as Julio) asks the girls if this isn’t normal for them and the girls explain that Romio is never excited, always looks grumpy and is normally a loner who doesn’t join in and socialize with the others, which causes Juliet to stare at Romio in wonder. A little later, Romio is trying to pick out another Rosary for Juliet. As he turns to face Juliet, he curses his luck for being unable to buy a rosary in front of the group and when they find that the restaurant has been reserved for the day, he becomes even more infuriated because his perfect romantic date has been ruined.

From behind Romio, the other students remarks that its too bad, causing Romio to yell at the group to stop following him and Julio again. One of the male students suggests that they get ramen, and everyone heads off for the Ramen store. As all this is going on, a girl dressed in White Cat colours named Weslia Chartreux (Yuu Shimamura, Dan Kuso (Bakugan)) is sipping tea while watching the spectacle from the balcony of the restaurant. Commenting on the ruckus they are causing; the girl confesses that this is why she can’t stand those “Black Dog savages.” Suddenly spotting Julio, Weslia notices something. At the Ramen Restaurant, Romio mentally complains to himself, asking why they ended up in a boring run of a mill shop. Suddenly, Juliet burns her tongue on the spicy curry making Romio gush at the cuteness of her expressions. Meanwhile, Juliet is having trouble with the chopsticks and accidentally spills some on her pants. Romio rushes to cool off the mess on her pants before it burns her and almost rips off her pants and exposes her underwear in the process. However, Juliet freaks out in the nick of time and slugs Romio across the jaw. At their next stop, Romio, Julio/Juliet and the other students visit Dahlia Park with Romio trailing behind them still angry about the day’s events.

Noticing the time, Romio thinks to himself that its almost time to head home and wonders what he should do, when he notices the haunted house and pushes Juliet inside. Grinning to himself, thinking that he can be with Juliet in the dark, Juliet pulls away and hugs Romio. A zombie suddenly appears which causes Romio to tell it to back off, however, Juliet screams in fear and slugs the two of them, before running out of the house. Collapsing on the ground, Romio wonders what he did wrong and runs out after Juliet. Calling for Julio, one of the female students directs him towards the ocean which makes Romio run in the same direction. As Romio searches for Julio/Juliet, Romio worries that Juliet is mad at him because the date was bad and collapses on the ground again. Suddenly, the trio of Egio, Kento and Chizuru show up and notice Romio. Deciding to get revenge for what happened a week ago, Chizuru kicks Romio into the ocean which causes Romio to start drowning again. Noticing that he can’t swim, Chizuru starts tormenting Romio by kicking him in the head and trying to drown him.

Seeing this display, Juliet in her Julio disguise gets pissed and kindly asks Chizuru to move his foot because that idiot is important to her. Turning around to face Julio, Chizuru remarks that he hasn’t seen him before and tries to politely threaten him to back off, but Juliet flips Chizuru over her shoulder and slams him against the ground, though blowing her disguise in the process. Lecturing Chizuru that he shouldn’t be knocking people into the sea, Juliet watches as Chizuru gets stunned. Later on, back at the school, Romio and Juliet (without her disguise) secretly meet at the clocktower to discuss the day’s events. Thanking Juliet for saving him, Romio remarks that he thought for sure that she had gone home because of how sudden she disappeared after beating up Chizuru, but Juliet remarks that she just disappeared to the bathroom because the wig was getting itchy. Hearing this, Romio blurts out his shock and asks if she wasn’t mad at him. Juliet asks why she would be mad and Romio utters in a quiet voice that it’s because the date was bad. Smiling, Juliet reiterates what she heard from the other girls about his behaviour in class which is completely different from how he acts with her and how she thought the ramen was too spicy and wonders how people from Touwa could eat that stuff.

Jumping a bit, Romio asks what Juliet is doing and Juliet happily remarks that she is discussing their date of course. Juliet then continues by discussing her definition of a date which is learning more about the other person and since she learned that Romio can’t swim and got to see a face of him which she didn’t know about, she considers their date to be a success. Hearing this confession, Romio is touched and becomes elated to the point of tears when Juliet asks him out on another date. Suddenly, the moment is ruined by Scott again when he appears from the stairs, making Romio headbutt Juliet in an attempt to disguise what they were actually doing. As Scott declares that Juliet came to fight Romio in secret, Juliet slugs Romio calling him a stupid dog and Romio questioning why they always end up like this. The next day, Romio is chasing after Juliet again with the wig asking about their next date while Juliet is angrily storming away and giving Romio the cold shoulder.  From the bridge, the girl, Weslia is watching them from her vehicle with a set of binoculars and smiles having figured out what is going on between them.


So overall, this was a pretty funny episode! There were lots of hilarious moments especially when Romio tried to pulled down Juliet’s pants and it also reminded me again of how awesome Romio is as a character because of the extents that he will go to for Juliet. The only that he needs to work on is maybe being more considerate of Juliet’s feelings and asking her opinion from time to time. Juliet as Julio was incredible in that she could pass for a boy, but what I found most appealing about her in this episode is that we saw even more of how much of a strong fighter she is and how we now know the source for her intimacy issues which stem from her emotional distance with her father.

I’m actually hoping her father will play into it more as the series goes by. I get the feeling that there is going to be an arc where Romio and Juliet are separated briefly. As for the new character, Weslia, I like her character so far from what we could see of her, especially in the next episode preview where she is shown with a Queen complex who views the Black Dogs as savages. I feel like she is definitely going to be a foil for our main couple as the series goes on.

Animation-wise, the quality was excellent as usual. The animators have done a very good job at drawing scenes which brings out Juliet’s charm and cuteness and the location drawings were very detailed as well. You can really imagine that Dahlia Town is probably set in France or Italy with the seascapes. As for the official anime ending song, the song is rather nice and cheery and the animation scenes really highlights each of the main girls cuteness. So overall, this was a really good and I recommend that anime fans watch it. Next episode, we get to see more of Weslia! So until the next review, see ya!

Ending Screenshots

Ending Song –  Until the World Changes Someday (Itsuka Sekai ga Kawaru made, いつか世界が変わるまで) – Riho Iida

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