Hi there, everyone

Thanks for joining me! My name is PhoenixRising88 (otherwise known as Athena on this site) and I will be your guide to the latest anime series for the Autumn 2018 season.

This website was started because I love anime and I’ve been watching it ever since I was really little back in 1994-5 when Sailor Moon first came out. I’ve also been learning Japanese since high school and I also want to become a professional writer/ translator for Japanese Light Novels someday.

So just for starters, I’m going to be covering the final episodes of Beatless first for my first set of reviews and then I’ll being going into the previews for the Autumn 2018 quarter and discuss the most likely anime which I will be reviewing in my next post. Of course, I’ll also be doing first impressions too.

So I hope you’ll all enjoy my posts and I hope you’ll follow me.

See ya later,


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