Beatless Final Stage #1 – “Higgins’ Silo” Review

Spoilers Involved As the summer season of anime has ended, a new anime season has begun. So, for the first anime review for the series in our reviews is Beatless Final Stage Episode 1. However, for those of you who need a catch up on the series, here is the synopsis for the anime:   Read More

Anime Series Review – Planet With

 Spoiler Warnings! Satoshi Mizukami’s ‘Planet With’ is an exciting action-packed anime filled with aspects of comedy, drama, a little bit of romance and heavy action-packed mayhem. The story centers around Sōya Kuroi (Atsushi Abe), an amnesiac middle-school student who lives with a cat-like creature named ‘Sensei’ (Rikiya Koyama) and a maid named Gingko Kuroi (Shiori Read More